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Scandinavian string band melodies, Meskwaki love songs, gospel harmonies, polkas, old-time fiddling, Mexican folk songs, and blues: all part of #Iowa 's cultural traditions:

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Scandinavian Airlines challenged the notion that Scandinavian = white. A coordinated 4Chan attack followed the airline's ad, targeting not just the airline, but the company who made it. Oh, here's the ad. It's terrific. by @alibreland  @SAS  @MotherJones 

4Chan trolls are outraged over Scandinavian Airlines’ new ad.

A deep dive into the Scandinavian folk tradition that inspired #Midsommar :

Nordic airline SAS criticised over ad claiming 'absolutely nothing' is truly Scandinavian

A new Scandinavian Airlines commercial just set off a wave of racist harassment from internet trolls

Scandinavian Airlines made this ad about travel. But that wasn't the message. via @YouTube 

@alibreland  uncovered a huge, coordinated 4chan harassment campaign against Scandinavian Airlines and people who made a commercial for it. 4channers are mad because they feel like the ad threatens their sense of white, nordic superiority.


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The sitting President is working super hard to repeal the affordable care act and go back to no protections for preexisting conditions. And we're here debating the historical meanings of socialism and the best term for Scandinavian mixed economies.

Best passenger experience, 2019. 1. Qatar Airways 2. American Airlines 3. Aeromexico 4. Scandinavian Airlines 5. Qantas 6. LATAM Airlines 7. WestJet 8. Luxair 9. Austrian Airlines 10. Emirates (AirHelp)

Moroccans gathered Saturday in front of the Norwegian and Danish embassies in Rabat in a candlelight vigil to honor two Scandinavian university students killed in a terrorist attack in the Atlas Mountains.

Norway becomes first Scandinavian country to decriminalise drugs in historic vote

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Thank you Norway! Fantastic welcome by our Scandinavian fans ??????. Great to be back on the pitch also with positive feelings ???. #MUTOUR 

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In the two decades that I analyzed the news on television, I tried to consider what the liberal message was. Sometimes I agreed with it. But now the liberal movement has gone so far left it makes Scandinavian politics look moderate.

1. On the topic of the "defeat" of ISIS: Today, the Norwegian government confirmed the authenticity of a brutal execution video showing a man decapitating a Scandinavian tourist in Morocco. The men who killed the tourists pledged allegiance to ISIS:

Suspects arrested in murder of Scandinavian tourists in Morocco pledged allegiance to ISIS

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i am reading about Scandinavian politics do NOT disturb