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David Koch Pumps Billions Of Dollars Into Campaign To Secure Antonin Scalia A Seat In The Holy Trinity

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THREAD—Trump’s Labor Pick Scalia Kept Workers in Pain

David Koch Pumps Billions Of Dollars Into Campaign To Secure Antonin Scalia A Seat In The Holy Trinity via @theonion 

"Scalia'>Eugene Scalia was at the forefront of those actively fighting that ill-fated regulation two decades ago. Workers, their families and their communities now bear the awful consequences.

"In fact, Scalia’s anti-regulation record stretches back at least another decade. In 1993, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration began work on a new ergonomics standard to address hazards that cause work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs)...

"Scalia, the son of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, was recognized by the Wall Street Journal for having 'devoted almost a decade to representing corporate clients fighting rules put in place by the Obama administration ...

"And now President Trump is poised to nominate Scalia'>Eugene Scalia, whose anti-regulatory advocacy two decades ago helped fuel today’s opioid epidemic.

"One of their champions was Scalia'>Eugene Scalia, a labor and employment attorney in Washington, D.C., who went on to work for the Department of Labor under President George W. Bush. Scalia helped lead the assault on the ergonomics regulation...

Trump’s Labor secretary pick Scalia'>Eugene Scalia resigned from George W. Bush’s Labor Department after Sec. Elaine Chao insisted on siding with Carpenters union president, who was friendly with Bush, in a lawsuit over Carpenters restructuring plan @benjaminpenn 

the president is a birther who thought someone might have murdered Scalia'>Antonin Scalia, so


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I am pleased to announce that it is my intention to nominate Gene Scalia as the new Secretary of Labor. Gene has led a life of great success in the legal and labor field and is highly respected not only as a lawyer, but as a lawyer with great experience....

Republicans held JusticeScalia’s seat open for more than 400 days. Justice Kennedy’s seat has been vacant for less than two months. It's more important to investigate a serious allegation of sexual assault than to rush Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court for a lifetime appointment.

If the Senate needed to wait nine months when Scalia'>Justice Scalia died, then it surely needs to wait four months now. If the American people deserved to have their voices heard then, they deserve to have their voices heard now. #FollowTheMcConnellStandard 

Susan Collins castigating everyone for opposing the nominee before he was even named, which is, of course what McConnell did immediately after Scalia’s death.

When Scalia'>Justice Scalia died NINE months before an election, ALL Judiciary Committee Republicans agreed to take NO ACTION on ANY nominee. They said the American people deserve a voice in who will sit on the Supreme Court. If it was true then, it must be true now. #SaveSCOTUS 

By arguing that AR-15s can’t be regulated, Brett Kavanaugh made crystal clear that he’s to the right of Scalia'>Justice Scalia on guns. Even pro-gun Justice Scalia knew the 2nd Amendment did not protect all weapons in his opinion in Heller.

Lindsey Graham: "You want to pick judges, you better win." Hadn't @BarackObama  won when Scalia died?

Brett Kavanaugh is a true Second Amendment radical. He believes assault weapon bans are unconstitutional, a position way out of the judicial mainstream, far to the right of even late Scalia'>Justice Scalia.

“We Americans?” -95% of Americans want stronger background checks -75% want military-style weapons banned -75% of Americans don’t own a gun -3% own half of all guns AND EVEN SCALIA refused to rule that the 2nd Amendment applied to military-styled weapons.