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Looking at President Trump's reaction to the CIA's stunning conclusion that Jamal Khashoggi was murdered at the direction of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, one can't help but wonder what debt (monetary and otherwise) the President and his family may have with the Saudis.
The news from Yemen gets more and more terrible. This week's updates:

1. It's getting worse. November's casualty numbers were highest of the entire war.

2. Surprise! We never billed the Saudis for the mid-air refueling. U.S. taxpayers have been footing the bill for their war.
What more does Trump have to brazenly tell us about his relationship to the Saudis? It's all about $. Trump sold a yacht to a Saudi royal, sold the 45th floor of Trump Tower to Saudis & said he liked the Saudis "very much" b/c they buy $40M apartments from him #FollowtheMoney
Secret business dealings with the Russians. Boasts of millions from the Saudis. Americans deserve to know our President is acting in our interest, not his own financial self-interest, or because he has been compromised.

Now, with a new majority in the House, we can find out.
Oh my god. Catastrophic. This is written by the Saudis - word for word.

It’s now 100% clear the Saudis own our President - and the new House Dem majority needs to get to the bottom of this ASAP.
Emoluments for dummies:

Candidate Trump: “Saudi Arabia, I get along with all of them. They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million ...
I like them very much.”

President Trump on Saudis suspected murder of Khashoggi: “We’re going to have to see.”

U.S. v $
Lying Trump is using "America First" as his defense in helping Saudi Arabia cover up the horrific murder of a Washington Post journalist. The Saudis tortured, strangled & dismembered . Tr#JamalKhashoggiump's complete disregard for human life is immoral, weak, and disgusting.
what in the world is a U.S. official doing advising a foreign leader on how to escape blame for the murder of a U.S. national, a crime so repulsive that a bipartisan push is underway in Congress to enact sanctions and end arms sales to the Saudis?
There is something so chilling and authoritarian about Pompeo continuing to refer to Khashoggi’s “disappearance.” We know he was murdered. Pompeo knows he was murdered. The Saudis know he was murdered (because they murdered him.) “Disappearance” sounds Stalinist in this context.
INTERESTING TIMING: A member of the Saudi Royal Air Force who was one of the 15 Saudis allegedly involved in the killing of JAMAL KHASHOGGI has died in a car accident in Riyadh, according to a Turkish media report.
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