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my #flicker @AskAnythingChat w/@OnAirRomeo is next saturday . send questions's to #MostRequestedLive & @iHeartRadio
Giveaway time! Brand spankin’ new @turtlebeach #OpTicELITEpro w/case! RT AND Follow! Winner announced next Saturday!
LITERALLY on the ground. Volunteer lawyers are working pro-bono on a Saturday preparing habeus corpus petitions for detainees at JFK.
Heather Heyer is her name. She was 32 years old. She was murdered on Saturday, August 12th in Charlottesville, VA. May she rest in peace.
Ahhhhh can't wait for Saturday ! Come on England !!!!
Was in #PuertoRico Saturday. Only 15% have power after 2wks. Hope to hit 25% by next month. 25%! Where else in USA would this be acceptable?
Saturday morning jumped out of bed
It's 20 past 9 and I haven't left the house once today! Proper lazy Saturday! Football was on , nialler was happy
Sat at home watching @ufc embedded .. Cannot wait for Saturday night @TheNotoriousMMA @josealdojunior @ChrisWeidmanUFC @LukeRockhold
We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange's internet access Saturday, 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of Clinton's Goldman Sachs speechs.
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