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Had the best Saturday night with my BFFs!!!! ✨ | @BTS_twt
New single ‘Miss You’ will be out this Friday with a performance on the @TheXFactor final on the Saturday ! Can’t wait for this one ! #missyou
😤😜 ...not many can match the INTENSITY of Russell Westbrook!

🏀: #ThunderUp x #DubNation
⏰: 8:30pm/et Saturday
📺: #NBAonABC
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Just had a really exciting chat about the performance on Saturday. Gonna be big !! 🖕🖕🎸🎸🖕🖕
The decision by Nunes to employ an obscure rule to release classified information for partisan political purposes crossed a dangerous line, and increases the risk of a constitutional crisis and another Saturday Night Massacre.

My oped on Washington Post:
A suspected poacher has been eaten by a lion, leaving only his head behind.

South African police say the unidentified man's remains were found lying next to a loaded hunting rifle in a private game reserve near the Kruger National Park on Saturday.
LITERALLY on the ground. Volunteer lawyers are working pro-bono on a Saturday preparing habeus corpus petitions for detainees at JFK.
Ahhhhh can't wait for Saturday ! Come on England !!!!
still time to get your questions to #MostRequestedLive & for@OnAirRomeo my . @iHeartRadioH@AskAnythingChatere's the link for questions . A coming this saturday 8pm EST.
RETWEET this post for a chance to win this FREE SIGNED jersey. Winner will be announced Saturday at 3pm PST.

Plus- for your chance to win a trip to #SB52, visit today!
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