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Watching the SpaceX launch this afternoon? Check out this satellite capture of the the heat put off from the rocket shortly after the launch as denoted by the red pixel using the Fire Temperature satellite RGB.

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For #ScienceSaturday  let’s look at the severe thunderstorms east of the Cascades today. A 30-minute satellite loop shows rising air as what looks like boiling water near places like Heppner, indicating the most intense updrafts of the storms. @NWSPendleton 

Hi-resolution weather satellite imagery captured the historic SpaceX launch from moments ago. It is visible for only a few frames before the rocket accelerates out of satellite coverage. Can you spot it? #LaunchAmerica  #arwx 

Not only can we step outside to view launches, but we also catch them on GOES-16 satellite! Here's the 1 minute 3.9 imagery from today successful crewed launch. Space Coast is the Best Coast! #LaunchAmerica 

Watching the action at @NASAKennedy  from here in central Illinois. GOES-16 satellite channel 7 (one minute imagery) showing the Falcon 9 rocket quickly moving as the red/brown dot moving upward on the image. #LaunchAmerica 

We saw some awfully bright looking "clouds" showing up via satellite in southeast Minnesota earlier this afternoon. Well after some investigation, we were able to determine they were actually solar panel arrays that the sun was hitting just right!

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Satellite imagery showing showers and thunderstorms starting to pop up across parts of the state. Expect this activity to primarily remain east of Phoenix going into the afternoon and early evening hours. #azwx 

We're lucky enough to have both GOES WEST satellite mesoscale sectors positioned over the PacNW today. This means imagery every 30 seconds! View for yourself as well at: #wawx 

Here are conditions across #Kentuckiana  on our satellite and radar. Find more weather on my Facebook page at and #WHAS11  #FirstAlertStormTeam  #WakeUp11 

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Your late afternoon satellite and radar view. #wiwx 

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Sending this tweet through space via Starlinksatellite ?

Each second, 1.5 million tons of solar material shoot off the Sun into space. The magnetosphere shields Earth, but the solar wind can get in near the poles and disrupt satellite, radio & GPS signals. 3 new missions aim to improve this technology problem:

Smoke from wildfires in the #AmazonRainforest  spreads across several Brazilian states in this natural-color image taken by a @NASAEarth  instrument on the Suomi NPP satellite. Although it is fire season in Brazil, the number of fires may be record-setting:

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Why does NPR still exist?  We have thousands of radio stations in the U.S.  Plus Satellite radio. Podcasts.  Why are we paying for this big-government, Democrat Party propaganda operation. 

Side by side satellite images compare the size of Hurricane Harvey to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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Nice job trump and Pompeo you dimwits. You’ve completed the neocon move to have Iraq become a satellite of Iran. You have to be the dumbest people ever to run the US government. You can add that to being the most corrupt. Get these guys out of here.

Wish you were here, im a wounded satellite.

In the journey of every nation there are moments that bring utmost pride and have a historic impact on generations to come. One such moment is today. India has successfully tested the Satellite'>Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile. Congratulations to everyone on the success of #MissionShakti .

Proud to see India advance into a select group of nations which possess Anti-Satellite Missiles. Congratulations to our scientists at #ISRO  & PM on this momentous achievement. #MissionShakti 

European satellite agency concludes that June was the hottest month ever recorded on earth, our planet.