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Last week, Senate Republicans confirmed Sarah Pitlyk—a lawyer who has argued that surrogacy and IVF have “grave effects on society”—to a lifetime position as a U.S. District Judge.

With the confirmation of Sarah Pitlyk, President Trump has placed 169 judicial nominees on the federal bench. That’s better than Bill Clinton (166) and George W. Bush (167). And they did that over 8 years. Trump has accomplished this in barely 3 years!

Senate Republicans voted Wednesday to confirm Sarah Pitlyk, who has argued against in vitro fertilization and surrogacy and touted the (debunked) “eugenic origins of the birth control movement,” to a lifetime judgeship on a US District Court.

Sarah Pitlyk believes fertility treatments should be illegal. She just won a lifetime appointment on the federal bench.

Sarah Pitlyk’s nomination drew controversy for her extreme opposition to reproductive rights.

Sarah Pitlyk’s nomination drew controversy for her extreme opposition to reproductive rights.

Sarah Pitlyk’s nomination drew controversy for her extreme opposition to reproductive rights.

Senate Republicans on Wednesday confirmed Sarah Pitlyk to a lifetime seat on a federal court, despite the American Bar Association rating her as "not qualified" for the position.​


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A thing happening that's probably gonna get lost in this week's news slog: Senate Republicans are about to confirm a lifetime federal judge who opposes fertility treatments. IVF and surrogacy have “grave effects on society," Sarah Pitlyk has argued.

The Senate is voting TODAY on anti-abortion activist Sarah Pitlyk's nomination to the federal bench. She is extreme and unfit to judge. Call your senators NOW and tell them to #StopPitlyk :

JUST IN: Senate Republicans confirm Sarah Pitlyk to be a lifetime federal judge, despite her extreme views on fertility treatments having “grave effects on society” + her *unanimous* “not qualified” rating from the American Bar Association.

Sarah Pitlyk’s “not qualified” rating from the American Bar Association, her lack of experience and her extreme views on women’s health and reproductive rights make her unfit for a lifetime appointment to the bench.

BREAKING: Senate Republicans just confirmed Trump judicial nominee Sarah Pitlyk, who opposes not only abortion but also surrogacy and even fertility treatment. Every Democrat present voted in opposition, as did Susan Collins. But it wasn't enough.

I’m concerned about Sarah Pitlyk’s ability to fairly and impartially apply important reproductive rights precedents as a judge. She has spent the last two years focused entirely on opposing women’s reproductive rights, so I strongly urge my colleagues to oppose her nomination.

The Senate is about to vote on Sarah Pitlyk’s nomination to the federal judiciary. Pitlyk’s views on reproductive rights and her opposition to assisted reproduction are extreme and far outside the mainstream. I urge my colleagues to vote no.

Senate Republicans are moving to confirm one unqualified judge after another. Now it’s Sarah Pitlyk of MO, who has no trial experience & radical views on reproductive rights. She’s been rated unanimously “not qualified” by the ABA, but Senate Rs just don’t seem to care anymore.