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Pres arrives Santa Monica Airport after short flight from LAX and boards motorcade en route US Olympics meeting.

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"Vertiginous." Word of the day from press pool report by @katierogers  describing the helicopter flight from LAX to Santa Monica Airport: "The helo ride to Santa Monica was a quick and slightly vertiginous four minutes over the concrete and palms of Los Angeles."

Well, they certainly weren’t visiting the library for its periodicals.Residents in Santa Monica, Calif., are outraged after a video of a woman performing sex acts with a man was shot inside o…

City of Santa Monica Rather Upset Over Porno Filmed in Public Library

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#POTUS just landed #LAX  one hour behind schedule. Taking Marine1 to Santa Monica Airport for motorcade to Beverly Hills#cbsla 

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The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK presents photography by *DaveThompson59 Donna - Hallway. 1990, Santa Monica. Part of the same shoot for her in the kitchen. Medium format, Agfa 100, scan from negative. - a fan of B&W.

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According to the Santa Monica-based artist, NAJMA might be the first representational sculpture of a woman to be exhibited in #SaudiArabia  in over 1,000 years #desertxalula 

Santa Monica residents in SoCal area outraged after reports of a pornographic video recorded at a public library during business hours.


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7/14 Monday from 7 PM(LA Time), BTS will be having a performance at <Troubadour>, 9081 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

It was fantastic to bring my new friend and talented artist @theodd1sout  to Gold’s Gym to train with World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis for this Saturday’s strongman event on the Santa Monica Pier. Come see all of us this weekend, get your tickets NOW!!

PURPLE AND GOLD SALUTE: Santa Monica Pier and LAX light up in Kobe colors in tribute to the late Laker legend

It was fantastic to see my friend and one of my heroes @GretaThunberg last week and go on a bike ride around Santa Monica together and I was so pumped to introduce her to my daughter Christina. Keep inspiring, Greta!

All I want for my birthday is my name on the Shakey's Pizza marquee on Santa Monica Blvd. Please.

A man in a MAGA hat sprayed protesters with bear repellant after a pro-impeachment march in Santa Monica

Just heard the Academy is giving out Best Actress tonight in the parking lot of Rite Aid on Santa Monica and La Brea around 2am. This isn’t right.

BREAKING: Man arrested in Santa Monica with possible explosives and assault rifles, said he was going to L.A. Gay Pride festival - LA Times