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Pete Buttigieg ripped into Bloomberg and Sanders, noting that after Super Tuesday “the two most polarizing figures on this stage” could be the only two candidates left competing for the nomination

the 2016 Sanders campaign was talking up an idea to have super delegates give him the nomination even if he was behind in the count, on the argument that he had momentum late in the race

And by trajectory I mean that Sanders remains the front runner who is going to be difficult to stop before Super Tuesday

Buttigieg: 'We could wake up two weeks from today, the day after Super Tuesday. And the only two candidates left standing will be Bernie Sanders & Mike Bloomberg. The two most polarizing figures on this stage.' #DemDebate 

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Sanders, who has the chance to win Nevada and come out of Super Tuesday with a lead in delegates, may be about to come out of this debate largely unscathed with tonight's focus on Bloomberg's arrival & Warren's attacks.

AIPAC has told donors that contributions to an anti-Bernie Sanders Super PAC count as donations to AIPAC.

From @UpshotNYT : Bernie Sanders's rise in national polls means he could amass a commanding or even insurmountable delegate lead on Super Tuesday

Bloomberg campaign manager @ksheekey : "If Biden, Buttigieg and Klobuchar remain in the race — despite having no path to appreciably collecting delegates on Super Tuesday (and beyond) — they will siphon votes away from Mike, setting up Sanders to likely win the nomination."

When asked if it would be impossible to stop Sen. Bernie Sanders with four or more candidates still in the race on Super Tuesday, Bloomberg campaign manager @ksheekey  says, “I think it’s an enormous problem, to be frank with you.” #MTPDaily 

Good to see Adrian Peterson returning for another season. One of the top 10 running backs ever. But pretty interesting to see 3rd-7th all-time in rushing yards only have two Super Bowl appearances & zero rings. (Gore, Sanders, Peterson, Martin, Tomlinson)


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Average projected delegates through Super Tuesday: Sanders 608 (41% of delegates thru March 3) Bloomberg 273 (18%) Biden 270 (18%) Buttigieg 157 (10%) Warren 127 (8%) Klobuchar 55 (4%)

NEWS: AIPAC is is telling donors that contributions to an anti-Bernie Sanders Super PAC count as donations to AIPAC by me and @akela_lacy 

#DNCLeaks: "Yes, Super PAC paying young voters to push back online on Sanders supporters" #FeelTheBern 

An analysis showed that Bernie Sanders would have won the Democratic nomination if it were not for the Super Delegates.

Sanders is clearly the frontrunner at this point. The moderate lane is fractured. If Democrats wish to challenge Sanders internally, Biden and Warren both need to step out now, and Buttigieg and Klobuchar are going to have to determine before Super Tuesday which one is viable.

New: A small group of DNC members is privately gauging support for a plan to weaken Bernie Sanders and head off a brokered convention, allowing super-delegates back in on 1st ballot

Trump is expected to spend Super Bowl weekend at Mar-a-Lago. And Sarah Suckabee Sanders will be spending it on the sidelines in case they need an extra linebacker. I’m not body shaming her, I’m saying she’s good at protecting someone with deflated balls.

Sanders super PAC haul $0.00 This is a people's campaign. #CaucusForBernie 

Sanders: "There’s something absurd when I get 46% of the delegates that come from real contests, real elections & 7% of super delegates."