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@GCA_Worldwide  @tcurwinG  @maxydeartinoo  @disillusionedi6od  comment. When you see San Fran try to hive off of $PCG it does not bode well for shareholders IF that sort of deal is permitted.

The Giants really like the rookie TE they claimed this week, Kaden Smith. The #Niners  actually put their sixth-round pick from Stanford on waivers trying to sneak him through to the practice squad. San Fran was high on him. #Giants  snagged him. 6-foot-5, 249 pounds.

In a locker-room interview before departing for San Fran, #Steelers  new top QB talks to @TimBenzPGH  about how he's not looking to run the show on offense his first start out.

San Fran Business Owner Says He Was Bitten By Homeless People — Twice

18 pending lawsuits against #Monsanto  by states, cities, ports + more on the way. Examples: #Monsanto  -made PCBs discharged into San Fran Bay, the Sandusky in Ohio, the Skagit in Washington. Dangerous levels found nr Baltimore’s Inner Harbor & in reservoirs & ponds in N Mexico

A: That’s a question for my husband, Nate, who is the 🍦 lover in the family. I prefer doughnuts. And for those I have a few: @DoughnutPlantNY  in NYC, @DoRiteDonuts  in Chicago, Bob’s in San Fran, + my alltime fave @donutalley  in Larkspur, CA (get there before 10 or they run out)

Aside from injuries and officiating, a disturbing trend is how #Steelers  weaknesses CONTINUE to be their weaknesses. Examples third down defense, inability to stop big Tight Ends over the middle. Communication problems. These must change as Steelers head to San Fran (2-0)

This could be you overlooking the amazing view of San Fran next summer ❤️

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@_annapaulina_  is a veteran, a wife, and an @NRAember . She is upset with the San Fran elitists who declared NRA a "terrorist org." Start focusing on real issues. "Like the homelessness, the drug problem, and the human feces that you have infecting your streets." #IAmTheNRA 

Last show of the flicker sessions tonight in San Fran. It’s been a pleasure to play for you all . Roll on next years tour

San Fran . What a way to end the flicker sessions . Thank you so much for last night , it was amazing .

Great show in San Fran/San Jose, thanks for having us be a part of it❤️ great crowd :-)

You’re barred from protecting yourself in San Fran and the state just declared that they won’t protect you, either.

What an amazing way to start the tour, we love ya San Fran, you rocked so hard xo

hi San Fran!! I'm rlly sorry to tell u that i won't be at today's signing as I'm really sick and not feeling well. Ily guys. again I'm sorry

Excited for tonight, time to get back into it, let's do this San Fran, GET IT

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