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Wiz Khalifa
i wanna have as many albums as samuel l jackson has movies
I wanna have as many albums as Samuel L. Jackson has movies.
Bleacher Report UK
throwback to when samuel etoo won back to back trebles
Throwback to when Samuel Eto’o won back-to-back trebles 🏆🏆🏆
U.S. Marines
@USMC 9 months
yesterday navajo code talker samuel tom holiday passed away at 94 years old holiday one of the last surviving
Yesterday, Navajo Code Talker Samuel Tom Holiday passed away at 94 years old.

Holiday, one of the last surviving Code Talkers from WWII, joined the Corps at 19 and became part of a legendary group of Native Americans who encoded messages in the Navajo language.

Semper Fi
@espn 2 months
on this date in 2005 samuel l jackson told the story of an inspiring real life basketball coach in coach carte
On This Date: In 2005, Samuel L. Jackson told the story of an inspiring real-life basketball coach in "Coach Carter."
Bleacher Report
nothing will keep samuel kulbila from making gains
Nothing will keep Samuel Kulbila from making gains 💪💪
support your friends like spike lee and samuel l jackson support each other at the oscars
Support your friends like Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson support each other at the #Oscars
Donald Trump Jr.
awesome samuel adams ceo trump tax cuts helps us kick ass of foreign owned beer via
Awesome #Americafirst!!! Samuel Adams CEO: Trump Tax Cuts Helps Us ‘Kick Ass’ of Foreign-Owned Beer via
Bleacher Report UK
mo salah breaks samuel etoos record for most goals by an african player in a champions league season
Mo Salah breaks Samuel Eto’o’s record for most goals by an African player in a Champions League season 🇪🇬👑
Dan Rather
sometimes when i read the quotes from sarah huckabee sanders i wonder if samuel beckett master of the absurd h
Sometimes when I read the quotes from Sarah Huckabee Sanders I wonder if Samuel Beckett (master of the absurd) has been resurrected and is ghostwriting lines for the White House press secretary.
Shimon Prokupecz
prosecutors say samuel patten sought tickets to donald trumps presidential inauguration on behalf of a promin
Prosecutors say Samuel Patten sought tickets to Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on behalf of a prominent Ukrainian oligarch. Patten acted as a “straw purchaser,” funneling the Ukrainian’s money secretly to the inauguration committee through a Cypriot bank account.
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