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Do bigger things for half the price. Get the Samsung Galaxy Note8 for 50% off with Sprint Flex. #WorksForMe
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[UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not allowed to be checked in or used (turned on or charged) on-board. TQ.
It's time to give away a new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+! RT this to enter! Full rules at
[Breaking] Preorders of Galaxy S8 hit 700,000 units in Korea
#predorder @samsung #GalaxyS8
Grab the latest Samsung Galaxy and get a free JBL Flip 4 speaker worth £119.99.
Donald Trump is the Samsung Galaxy 7 of debaters. #Debates
Congratulations to Samsung Galaxy on qualifying for the 2017 World Championship! #Worlds2017
Wow, this is the worst Samsung has burnt somebody since the Galaxy S7. 🔥
CONTEST! I've hidden 2 Samsung Galaxy C7Pros in my bookshelf. Lucky winners who spot them get to take them home! #LeanIsTheNewMean @amazonIN
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