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RECAP 2/25 Chatter: $YELP + Change in Control $MCK + Near State settlement $IOVA + Explore Sale

RECAP 2/24 Chatter (1/2) $VHC + $AAPL Appeal denied $DUK $D + SCOTUS Atlantic Pipe ruling $PUK + Third Pt $WIFI + Explor Sale $MNK - BK $ENLV - Offering $VSAT + COO buys

RECAP 2/21 Chatter (1/2) $MIK + Mar 17 Earnings $MAC + Vague Chatter $WBA - Consultants remove damaging findings $MMLP + CFO INsider Buy $EBAY + Classified Unit Sale $ESPR +/- NEXLETOL Approval (bad label?)

RECAP 2/12 Chatter: $FB + Whatsap has 2B users $WLL - review Capital structure $MDLZ + Vague chatter $CONE + Advisors after M&A Interest $LLIT - Offering $HON + Protective unit sale $PCG - SF Corruption Probe

RECAP 2/5 Chatter: $ELY $GOLF - USGA Report $ZNGA + Cxl Conf $JPM - Metal spoofing $ENV + Yodlee options $INST + $54-57 interest $MSFT - $LNKD CEO Leaving $BIIB + Tecfidera Patent $BA + Blackrock stake? $TME + China ends antitrust $I - Weighing Chapter 11 $SM + Eagle Ford Sale

RECAP 1/23 Chatter: $EXPE + Sale Chatter $BA + Ackman (vague sketchy) $NK + Patent $UNH - NJ Freezes Medicaid enroll $GILD + Coronavirus $LMT - Grassly Mfg Probe

RECAP 1/21 Chatter: $YETI + $VFC $TGNA + Activist sale push $GILT + In talks $LYFT + Cxl Conf $BA - No MAX expected til Mid 2020 now $SPOT - $AAPL Compete Podcasts $CVS $WBA - $AMZN Pharmacy $SDC - NDA for refunds

RECAP 1/17 Chatter: $CLVS + Takeover Chatter $TWOU + Activist sale pressure $WMT - Exec Shuffle $MLNX - No China $NVDA remedy talks $WORK - $MSFT gunning for em $PLAY - KKR Stake not activist play $QGEN + In talks $TSLA + NHSTA comlaint from shorty $BBY - Misconduct

RECAP 1/16 Chatter: $DD + Electronic unit sale $JMIA + Won't need to raise $ $TRIL + Patent $FB - Whatsapp to not sell ads


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RECAP 12/3 Chatter: $MAT - Fraud, cooked bookes (Forbes) $NVDA - $AMD Competition $INTC $NVDA - $AMZN Chip $MET - EU Asset sale stalled $AXTA + t/o wrapped in 2 weeks $MSG + Spin-off Entertainment Biz

The "other" chatter out there was that CA would ban vaping altogether. We're told regulators understand this would push peeps to the black market and prefer a GMP-compliant seed-to-sale protocol embraced by legal players, which is in motion. Lots of noise, lots of funk. ? thru

RECAP 6/27 Chatter: $HHC + Hires Centerview, explore sale $BT - $ORAN Selling stake $PCMI - Data Breach $YNDX - Western Intel Hacked $MDT - FDA Cyber risk insulin pumps $NRE + Vivion led group $BA - Delay til Sept

Looks like a #soybean  sale for July/Aug delivery to China did take place; Chatter of #corn  sale happening as well. China would like to keep the focus on the commodities and not structural issues. #oatt 

Trade chatter that a wheat sale to China did take place combines with some positive chart indicators to inject life in the grain complex. Corn up 7, beans up 17, wheat up 10, KC up 12, MN up 8 #oatt 

Trump's sale was limited, as were threats for foes. A little chatter about Flake, a few tweets, brief ad war with Heller. That's it.

Hosting Q and A with Don Larsen at @nyysteak  on West 51st at noon on June 9. Tix on sale. Great baseball chatter.

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Monsanto calling: GMO and pesticide factory Dow up for sale? Merger chatter casts cloud over Dow AgroSciences#GMOs 

$YELP Rumor has $GOOG approaching $YELP with $72/sh offer, Yelp board refused but would be open to a sale for $85+ (UNconfirmed chatter)