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Finally, the report gives short shrift to the reality that the safe harbor provisions of the DMCA protect a vast array of all kinds of internet activities—sharing videos, photos, speech.

“There are compensations as I grow older — I feel as if I have sailed into a safe harbor. I finally know myself pretty well. I have a circle of loving family and friends. . . . Most of all, I have more blessings than I can enumerate.”

May 24 @ 108pm - Gusty shower moving over Lake Okeechobee. Seek safe harbor! #flwx 

May 23 at 5:15 PM - A strong thunderstorm located near Palm Beach Shores is moving westward at 10 knots. This activity is capable of producing 30 knot wind gusts and waterspouts. Marines should seek safe harbor! #FLwx 

May 23 at 2:30pm - A Marine Weather Statement has been issued for the nearshore Gulf waters off Collier County. Strong thunderstorms are moving offshore, capable of producing gusty winds and torrential rainfall. Mariners should seek safe harbor! #flwx  #colliercounty 

May 23 @ 105pm - A strong thunderstorm is over the Mainland Monroe waters. Seek safe harbor as lightning and gusty winds are expected. #flwx 

5:30 PM - Heads up northern Utah County and Utah Lake! Winds are going to rapidly switch to the northwest and increase with gusts 45 to 55 mph within the next hour or so. Last chance to secure any loose items. If on the lake, now is the time to seek safe harbor. #utwx 

A US Copyright Office report states that the DMCA's safe harbor provision is "askew" and recommends making it easier for rightsholders to issue takedown notices @thetomzone  / Gizmodo)

#HongKong  has been the safe harbor for dissent; it's the light, the conscience, the voice that speaks truth to an increasingly powerful China," tweets Maya Wang, senior China researcher for Human Rights Watch.

Of course, everyone must maintain safe a social distance when coming out to the waterfront, either at the Outer Harbor or Canalside.


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My thoughts are with the people of Oman as they mourn the passing of Sultan Qaboos. He led his country with wisdom and provided safe harbor for diplomacy. I’ll always be grateful for all he did to help secure the release from Iran of three American hikers in 2011.

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The dismissal of Captain Brett Crozier as commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt for seeking safe harbor for his COVID-19 sickened crew recalls a letter TR wrote to his superiors when his Rough Riders faced a Yellow Fever and malaria outbreak during Spanish-American War. 1/2

Border Patrol agents arrested a Mexican national with warrants in both Mexico and Oregon for homicide and rape. He will be handed over to Mexican law enforcement following adjudication. The United States is NOT a safe harbor for other countries' criminals.

On this 9/11, let us never forget it was the Taliban that gave safe harbor to Osama bin Laden to plot and launch his terrorist attack against our country, resulting in the murder of nearly three thousand innocent Americans...

They know their family was destroyed by deportation or incarceration. They know their loved one was denied safe harbor because of their religion. They know their son or daughter was shot because their skin color evoked fear

All Trump had to say to white nationalists was, “I am not with you. Don’t do this in my name. You will have no safe harbor here.” Instead he said, “I’m a nationalist.” There is no debate about whom he harbors.

Suffering in #Venezuela  direct result of support #MaduroCrimeFamily  receives from #Cuba  regime. For 60 yrs they have forced millions into exile,destabilized neighbors,given safe harbor to criminals & made millions trafficking in stolen property. But justice is coming very soon

Joe Biden remembers John McCain: “It was always about basic values with John. Fairness, honesty, dignity, respect. Giving hate no safe harbor, leaving no one behind. And understanding that as Americans we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves”

I have given instructions for Spain to welcome the #Aquarius  ship in the Port of Valencia. It is our obligation to provide these 600 people a safe harbor. We comply with international commitments regarding humanitarian emergencies.

A boat carrying 60 Guinean, Palestinian and Syrian refugees arrived in Barcelona, Spain after it was denied safe harbor by both Italy and Malta.