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Anger is building over blasting of Native Americansacred sites to build the border wall Tohono O'odham leader in Mexico calls desecration "crimes against humanity" My report from Organ Pipe in Arizona:

NEW: Native American leader denounces destruction of sacred sites for border wall construction

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The Trump Administration is blowing up sacred Native American sites on public lands as part of its ineffective and xenophobic border wall. Trump’s cruelty won’t end until the administration ends. #NoBorderWall 

No cultural sites found where crews are blasting sacred mountain for border wall. #BuildTheWall 

Blasting at the border... but at what cost to the environment and sacred sites? I’m at the border tonight with the emotional battle over the wall... on @abc15  at 6

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The Trump administration’s blatant disrespect and disregard for Indigenous communities is abhorrent. Native Americansacred sites must be protected – not blown up and destroyed to pave way for a reckless border wall. #HonorTheSacred 

Border wall construction has triggered a raft of environmental lawsuits, including over the destruction of Native American sacred ancestral sites

Last month, I visited several Native Americansacred sites in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Half have been destroyed by border wall construction. The administration doesn’t care what it hurts if it gets its way. #HonorTheSacred  #NoBorderWall 

Earlier this month, the Trump Administration destroyed historic sacred sites of the Tohono O'odham people to build its racist border wall. Tribes deserve real consultation, not simply notification, so that we can #HonorTheSacred . #NoBorderWall 


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Arizona national monument, home to sacred Native American burial sites, is being blown up for the border wall

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Trump's destruction at the border is erasing Native American history, which is to say it's erasing American history. The Tohono O'odham have seen their land destroyed & sacred sites ruined. Listen to Chairman Ned Norris about what this means & why we must end it. #NoBorderWall 

Sacred Native American burial sites are being blown up for Trump’s border wall, lawmaker says

Construction crews blowing up parts of a national monument to make way for the border wall could be on the verge of destroying sacred burial sites, an Arizona congressman who represents the area told CNN.

Remember when Trump threatened to blow up Iranian cultural sites? Looks like he set his sights on something closer to home. To build his racist wall, he's blowing up sacred Native American burial grounds without notifying local tribes. This is wrong.

This isn’t Hindus vs Muslims. Unfair of world’s oldest faith to want its most sacred sites back? * Ram Janmabhoomi usurped by Babri * Old Kashi Viswanath temple ravaged to erect Gyanvapi mosque * Krishna shrine in Mathura smashed to build Shahi Eidgah#AYODHYAVERDICT  #AyodhyaCase 

I hope ND presses charges against the real vandals who bulldoze sacred burial sites. #NoDAPL 

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BREAKING: President Barack Obama names new national monuments on sacred tribal lands in Utah and archaeological sites in Nevada.

Police stopped #NoDAPL  activists from reaching sacred burial sites—with rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray.