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SURPRISE VISITOR: Students at the University of Tennessee were getting ready for their online class when suddenly, their professor wasn't happy with Peyton Manning for logging on late.

What’s the airport experience of Indians returning to the country? Listen to a man who had a ‘surprise visitor’. #TimesNowi  #iReport  Here’s the Facebook link:

Surprise, surprise Jim.. and she's not the only visitor. 👀 Who's ready for an all-new #HAHN ? Temptation Tuesday begins at 9|8c.

#Rays Glasnow made his spring debut Thursday and said, no surprise, he was in “mid-season form.” Plus notes on @USFBaseball 's Phoenix Sanders, games vs. #Tigers  and #Yankees , a Tsutsugo visitor, more

Hammer time: @DionDublinsDube  was a welcome surprise visitor to Turf Moor at lunchtime, recording a football-themed link for his @BBCOne  show between property visits in Burnley and Colne. Nice to see you! #homesunderthehammer 

George Perles' funeral had a surprise visitor: The former player he once ordered to stay away

Traveled to Monaco last month to get a better sense of Novak Djokovic. We got a surprise visitor .

Artisans at #HunarHaat  had a surprise visitor. This is how they recount the experience. @PMOIndia  sir, one of them has an unfulfilled wish too (he was too shy to ask)

An unexpected visitor for sure, but we think the surprise was worth the adorable-ness

Knock, knock! @Officialmilli__  and @MeganNash_WeTv  get a surprise visitor that may put an end to their fresh start. #LifeAfterLockup 


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SURPRISE VISITOR: This adorable koala invaded one man's car in Australia and the feisty marsupial refused to leave, preferring to enjoy the cooler air inside.

Young Kerry fan Michael gets a surprise visitor on the #LateLateToyShow  and a special #GAA  gift #rtesport 

#SecDef Mattis paid a surprise visit to the 113th Aerospace Control Alert facility to thank the men and women who stand alert 24/7, 365 days a year. Although the #airmen  were away from home on this #Thanksgiving , they were very happy to meet this special visitor. #KnowYourMil 

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NEW: Mueller asked Trump's lawyers to produce call and visitor logs related to Stone from Trump Tower in New York, according to a source briefed on the matter. The request at this late stage of the investigation came as something of a surprise to lawyers.

#TBT to Harry's surprise visitor before his second year.

A Florida State University basketball player tears on the court when he realizes he has a surprise visitor who flew all the way from his hometown in Colombia.

I had a surprise visitor this morning. My longtime friend Dep Administrator. She beat me to the South Pole by one day.