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WASSAMATTA Jimmy?! James Clapper couldn’t wait to spin Baghdadi’s death as a NEGATIVE on #SOTU  (watch)

Desperate much, Jimmy?! James Clapper couldn’t wait to spin Baghdadi’s death as a NEGATIVE on #SOTU  (watch)

Good morning US, good lunchtime UK! What we are following on the @ABC  #ForeignDesk  - Pence to Ankara for ceasefire push; Erdogan invited to Russia by Putin -Dunn family meet Trump -Dutch family rescued from NINE years captivity -Hong KongSOTU disrupted by protesting legislators

‘That’s not what happened!’: Tapper smacks down raving Jim Jordan spewing lies about Biden investigation VvQg4ZVRpX#SOTU 

"If you don't at least make the playoffs in @MLS , you have failed, regardless of circumstance." @AlexiLalas  tackles the MLS playoff line ahead of #DecisionDay  on a new SOTUPod.

2020 Dems rallying to @JoeBiden’s side: @CoryBooker  on CNN SOTU: “Joe Biden is a statesman ... I will be standing firmly in defense of Joe Biden throughout this process because this is in no way can besmirch his character, his honor and his incredible service to this country”

@danpfeiffer  @fmanjoo ( @TVietor082  @MikeGrunwald ) Something happened ideologically because Obama ~2016 doesn't sound like Obama in 2009. A new interest in inequality (starting SOTU 2014), more emphasis on Medicare expansion (post-ACA), no Grand Bargain stuff (a crazy unforced 2011 error). Lots of reasons, but it's a change.

@themattmcd  @nycsouthpawSecurity  isn’t irrelevant but I don’t think it’s the main thing. Plenty of American politicians walk around with little or no security, and even presidents have ways of engaging in retail politics. And guns obviously aren’t what separates PMQs from a SOTU address.

Elections in Canada are a lot different than the U.S. — from its parliamentary democracy to the "Throne Speech" (similar to the SOTU) to the new government. Here's a handy guide to understanding how Canada elects both a prime minister and Parliament

Buttigieg and Booker said this morning on SOTU and MTP (respectively) that the polling frontrunner at this point is rarely the nominee. 2015/16 begs to differ


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Congrats to @SpeakerPelosi  for inventing the “fuck you” clap. #sotu 

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Politicians 👏 should 👏 not 👏 tell 👏 women 👏 what 👏 to 👏 do 👏 with 👏 their 👏 bodies. #SOTU 

I am starting a petition for the Democrats to let @iamcardib  give the rebuttal to the SOTU. Sign it by retweeting this!

Democrats don't want a citizenship question on the Census. REMEMBER: Stacey Abrams (who gave the Dems' SOTU response) is okay with non-citizens voting. And just last week, a majority of House Democrats voted to lower the voting age to 16.

....alternative venue for the SOTU Address because there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the House Chamber. I look forward to giving a “great” State of the Union Address in the near future!

"I can promise that a year from now, when I no longer hold this office, I’ll be right there with you as a citizen." —President Obama#SOTU 

Fewer viewers than the first SOTU’s for Obama in 2010, Bush in 2002, Clinton in 1994. “Which means Trump’s initial SOTU, the third longest in history, is now also the least watched address in nearly a quarter of a century.”