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SNP’s Ian Blackford asks “Who should determine the future of Scotland, the PM, or the people who live in Scotland?” Boris Johnson: “It’s the people of Scotland who voted decisively only four or five years ago" #PMQs 

‘An independent Scotland becomes a bridge between Europe and the UK ‘, says SNP’s leader in Westminster Ian Blackford.

Exclusive: Ian Blackford MP, the SNP’s leader at Westminster, is to share in a payday from the £45m sale of Commsworld, the telecoms infrastructure company he chairs, to private equity firm LDC.

Jean Davis, who ran for the Ross, Skye and Lochaber constituency in 2017, said the SNP’s Ian Blackford is “the best option to stop Brexit#GE2019 

“If Scotland had independence how much would the Scottish government have to raise in taxes, to compensate for the lost millions in subsidies?” asks Matthew SNP’s Ian Blackford says “an independent Scotland would be a wealthy one” #BBCYourQuestions 

SNP’s Ian Blackford on policy for fathers to spend more time with their new-born children “There are good examples internationally where this kind of thing has worked well in terms of the bonds that fathers have with their children” #politicslive 

#Marr : Does Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn need to scrap Trident to gain SNP support? SNP’s Ian Blackford: “We need to modernise our defence forces, Trident doesn’t play a part in that” General election 2019


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“It is… for no good reason that the PM has sought to frustrate the committee.” The SNP’s Ian Blackford, formerly of the Intelligence and Security Committee, says “there’s no reason” why the report into Russian activity couldn’t have been released #Newsnight  | @IBlackfordSNPMP 

“A Prime Minister… that doesn’t recognise the responsibilities that he has to behave in a responsible manner.” The SNP’s Ian Blackford says it is "intolerable" that the recent report into Russian activity in Britain has not yet been published #Newsnight  | @IBlackfordSNPMP 

“If we want to guarantee our rights as EU citizens, then Scotland has to become an independent country” SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford says UK PM's defeat was “humiliating” and Boris Johnson should go to Brussels and seek an extension Updates:

"You'll find yourself in court" – the words of the SNP’s Ian Blackford to Boris Johnson, if the Prime Minister does not follow the Benn Act in seeking an Article 50 extension

“We should not be tolerating this Tory govt in office at all.” SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford says the party’s MPs have prepared a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson to secure a General Election ahead of a second referendum on Brexit.

"I'm proud of what happened this morning... we are in for the fight of our lives " - SNP’s Ian Blackford says no-deal #Brexit  opponents have the opportunity to "stop Boris Johnson in his tracks "

“(Bercow) was making it clear that the PM can’t keep coming back with what is the same proposition... trying to bully and blackmail parliament to vote for something that had the biggest defeat in parliamentary history” – the SNP’s Ian Blackford | #newsnight 

SNP’s Ian Blackford to various loud gasps from his MPs lists a number of Conservative connections to Cambridge Analytica: PM: “Government has no current contracts with Cambridge Analytica nor the SCL Group”