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Texas detention officer charged with "super aggravated sexual assault" of a 4-year-old girl after authorities say her mother, an undocumented immigrant, was being blackmailed to stay silent about the abuse — or face deportation.
Whatever happens, we have lost. Half this nation voted for white supremacy, sexual assault, and more. The Klan is happy. We should be sad.
Scientist invented a sticker that can detect sexual assault
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President Trump should resign. But, of course, he won't hold himself accountable. Therefore, Congress should investigate the multiple sexual harassment and assault allegations against him.
"What happened to me has happened to many, many other men... I have had thousands and thousands of men come to me and say, 'Me too.'"

Terry Crews shared some powerful words during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on sexual assault legislation.
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13 women have accused Trump of sexual assault or harassment:

Natasha Stoynoff
Rachel Crooks
Cathy Heller
Kristin Anderson
Summer Zervos
Mindy Macgillivray
Jill Harth
Jessica Leeds
Temple McDowell
Karena Virginia
Jennifer Murphy
Ninni Laaksonen
Jessica Drake

I believe them all.
Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard has left his talent agency after his agent was accused of sexual assault:
If the only thing preventing a man committing sexual assault is the presence of witnesses, he's too dangerous to be at liberty.
‘He did touch my vagina through my underwear.’ — The 16 women who accused Trump of sexual assault are telling their story in one video
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thank u @ladygaga and VP @JoeBiden for bringing attention to sexual assault at the oscars. it hit very close to my heart for obvious reasons
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