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Mike Pompeo, in a speech to Heritage, once again suggests the anti-ISIS coalition was built by the Trump administration. "It was the Trump admin with the help of SDF fighters and 70 nations that built a coalition ..." This is untrue. The coalition was launched under Obama.

So this is where we are now: Syrian gov/ Russia want SDF fighters to individually join Syrian army to -as they say- "jointly stop Turkey aggression". But SDF wants to remain intact, join Syrian army as a whole. Russia/Syria saying to SDF: Agree with us or face Turkey alone.

Now it's clear. There is a disagreement btwn Syrian gov & SDF about a Damascus offer to merge SDF fighters into Syrian army. SDF response now: "Our position clear: Merging our forces (SDF &SAA) must come from a political settlement that recognizes &preserves SDF structure."

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To be a little more specific: SDF leadership objected to the regime calling on individual SDF fighters to defect and join its army. It says the issue should have been discussed with properly with SDF command.

The whole story really involves stolen underwear, a captured family member, Iraqi forces, Kurdish SDF fighters, and a whole lot of luck. Here's the whole story behind the death of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. #Baghdadi  #ISIS  #ISISLeader Killed#BaghdadiKilledeaderKilled  Killed

SDF fighters evacuate from besieged Syrian town of Ras al-Ain

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Kurdish SDF fighters evacuate from besieged Syrian town of Ras al-Ain in the first pullback under a ceasefire deal with Turkey brokered by the US

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The Turkish invasion has already killed 70 civilians and 135 SDF fighters since its launch on 9 October.

#Kurdish SDF fighters battle Turkish forces and their proxies in northeastern Syria, as the US slaps sanctions on #Turkey  and Ankara vows the military operation will continue until "our objectives have been achieved"


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In June 2015, after no action from Turkey and the border still wide open, we enabled SDF fighters to clear Tal Abyad. After the battle, Turkey sealed the border (from the SDF not ISIS) and built a wall. Reports this morning are that Turkey removed its own wall to move its forces.

...”devastated and ashamed”.... U.S. Military Officers Who Fought With Kurdish SDF Fighters in Syria Are Devastated, Ashamed

Finally, the statement makes no mention at all of Syrian Kurds or the SDF fighters now under attack. Was it a conscious decision not to even mention the force that protects U.S. forces in Syria? This is being noted with alarm throughout the region and likely with glee in Moscow.

Imagine getting this message from the Ameircans today after fighting ISIS together for all these years and losing 11 thousand SDF fighters. @akhbar 

The toll of 11,000 SDF fighters killed in the war against ISIS is more than a fifth of their peak strength - the equivalent of the U.S. military losing around 250,000 soldiers. In five years.

Turkish armed UAV shot down in #Afrin  by #YPG-led  #SDF  fighters.

1/ Very disturbing video circulating online showing what appears to be SDF fighters executing an unarmed man in Raqqa.

BREAKING: US confirms F/A-18E downed Syrian Su-22 near Tabqah, says it "dropped bombs near SDF fighters" -

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