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Did they actually replace Jared Goff with Ryan Gosling? Because whoever is playing QB for the #LARams  is doing very well for an actor.

Eva Mendes shares the holiday traditions she and Ryan Gosling have for their two daughters.

Ryan Gosling might finally be able to play pinball in his hometown.

10 Hot Photos of Ryan Gosling, Because It's His Birthday

Today is Ryan Gosling's 39th Birthday, the perfect opportunity to look at his incredible acting career. --> © Shutterstock / Alamy Stock Photo

9/10 times I mix up: Spotify/Shopify Instagram/Instacart Ryan Gosling/That other guy

Happy Birthday to Ryan Gosling! What was your favorite @RyanGosling  performance to experience on the IMAX screen?

Please Enjoy This Video of Baby Ryan Gosling Singing and Dancing His Heart Out in the '90s


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Ugh - NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered "inappropriate"

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissed after Gosling won their #GoldenGlobes  category

My wife and I each have a celebrity we're allowed to sleep with, no strings attached. Hers is Ryan Gosling. Mine is also Ryan Gosling.

clearly ryan gosling is very upset that im playing hard to get

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Canada. Ryan gosling breathes the air that i am breathing. with that said, see you tonight.

Ryan Gosling reacts as the true winner of best picture "Moonlight" is announced at the #Oscars .

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