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Tulsans of the Year: Ryan Jude Tanner and Jay Krottinger of Tanninger Companies invest in the arts, earned second Tony this year

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St. Paul officials, Ryan Companies reach development agreement for former Ford plant site

WATCH: Ryan Townend from @wj_agency  explains how companies can build a strong workplace culture. More Morning News videos:

Ryan Zinke resigned after using the @Interior  Dept like his own personal piggy bank. So he found a better way to cash in: working for the oil & mining companies he used to regulate. I guess when you’re caught in a hole of corruption, just keep digging?

WATCH: William Joseph Communication CEO Ryan Townend explains how companies can boost brand images at trade shows. More Morning News videos:

@NBCNewsTHINK  @RAICESTEXAS . @RAICESTEXASCEO  Jonathan Ryan says big tech companies are the lifeblood of the current immigration and detention crisis. In a new @NBCNewsTHINKvideo , Ryan discusses what workers are doing about it:

Ryan Zinke's client list includes oil and mining companies he regulated at Interior: report

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Important message from Peter Ryan here - if the news agenda says a location is dangerous then why don't the trade associations and companies doing business there push back and give a view on reality? The silence is deafening... #CX  #BPO  #Egypt 


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Speaker Ryan promised the #GOPTaxScam  would help companies like Harley-Davidson “keep jobs in America.” So what did Harley-Davidson do with their huge tax break? They closed a plant in Kansas City, laid off workers, and then opened a new plant—in Thailand.

Paul Ryan said Republicans made “improvements” to their so-called health care bill. They did—for the top 2% and pharmaceutical companies.

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Trump said he would take on the drug companies. He lied. Trump said he would provide health insurance to everyone. He lied. Trump said he wouldn't try to cut Social Security like Paul Ryan. He lied. Enough of Trump's lies. Let's end Republican control of Congress on Nov. 6.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke regulates fracking companies like Halliburton. He’s also an officer of a foundation that did a potentially lucrative real estate deal with Halliburton. Now, a government watchdog wants to know if he violated the law.

Charles Koch to Paul Ryan: Here's $500K for giving me a massive tax cut at working families' expense. Also Charles Koch: “When large companies can pressure politicians to force everyday Americans to fork over unearned millions, we should all question the fairness of the system.”

Trump & Ryan, to get Repub votes today,have agreed to no longer require insurance companies to cover these 10 things:

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FACT: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would gut investments in clean energy, while maintaining $4 billion a year in tax breaks to oil companies.