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Fintan O’Toole: Catholic Ireland is now a religious rust belt of half-empty churches

Sanders’s ideal running mate would be younger, but experienced; a woman of color, but from the South or the Rust Belt; in sync with his lofty ideas, but ready to do years of dirty work in the Senate. This person does not exist.

@anneapplebaum  He’s statistically one of the most popular politicians in the United States for whatever that’s worth, and almost certainly the most competitive Dem vs Trump in the Rust Belt

New report reveals Trump’s greatest vulnerability in key Rust Belt states: ‘His challenge is formidable’

This is such a great and insightful film. Especially if you live in the rust belt. So important to see. #netflix  #academyawards2020 

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New report exposes Trump’s greatest vulnerability in key Rust Belt states: ‘His challenge is formidable’

Worth pointing out that Irish election has nothing to do with Brexit. Q: is Sinn Fein success in West of Irl similar to Red wall and Rust belt? - small rural communities feeling left behind for decades by Dublin given confidence to vote SF candidate having seen Trump and Brexit

The campaign is focused not just on three Rust Belt states he won last time but AZ, GA and NC, where senate races could buoy the Dem nominee

Who is a great painter/artist of Winter? Pictured: Charles Burchfield; "February Thaw"; 1919. Or maybe one-day we name the best artist depictions of *each month* of the year. I mean this is a real front runner for February in the rust-belt, Ohio Valley. A mind of winter...

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@JoeBiden  @BernieSanders . @PeteButtigieg  @realDonaldTrumpo  @amyklobucharn  @AndrewYangVF  @AndrewYangVFAAce  again moves beyond the "plan vs plan " argument and says @realDonaldTrump  's rise is the automation of the rust belt#DemDebate 


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"When President Trump took office, he righted our priorities and engineered an historic increase in the overall defense budget"—with serious results for Rust Belt industries, job creation, and wages. Read more:

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Under the leadership of President@realDonaldTrump , the forgotten men and women of America are forgotten no longer! Here's why these Rust Belt voters are supporting the President in 2020⬇️

Nationals fans made a rudimentary political mistake: Expressing opinions about Trump in a stadium, instead of a rust belt diner.

The people at high dollar fundraisers at Cipriani chanting “eight more years” are all rust belt factory workers who lost their jobs to trade deals.

"Why the Rust Belt just gave Donald Trump a hero's welcome"

The "Rust Belt" was created by politicians like the Clintons who allowed our jobs to be stolen from us by other countries like Mexico. END!

If anyone in the Rust Belt needs a job, Trump is hiring -but only if you're a foreign worker willing to work at a Trump resort for less $$$

Surprise: Rust Belt unemployment on the rise #Indiana : 3.9% (was 3.0% in June) #Michigan : 4.5% (3.7% in June) #Ohio : 5.1% (was 4.9% in May) #Wisconsin : 3.4% (was 3.1% in June) only bright spot: #Pennsylvania . current 4.7% is low point #Jobs 

Here's what the map might look like in an election held today. Trump's Rust Belt strength would help him keep MO, IN

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