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As coastal real estate costs send tech companies to places where business is more affordable, flyover and Rust Belt cities now face a new challenge, @arch_historian  writes.

Fintan O’Toole: Catholic Ireland is now a religious rust belt of half-empty churches

Many Rust Belt cities have latched onto startup tech companies to crank out the next big thing. But in St. Louis, the end result may be further uneven development, writes @arch_historian .

Rebounding parts of the Rust Belt are moving away from Trump as the still-suffering areas double down:

Contrary to the perception that a rebounding economy will work to Trump’s benefit, there is growing evidence throughout the Rust Belt that the metro areas bouncing back are turning blue again:

Trump ordered US companies to leave China and come back "home." But American companies aren't heading for the Rust Belt, but for countries like Vietnam

What is the best path to the presidency for Democrats: Rust Belt, Sun Belt… or both? Use my interactive electoral map to test your assumptions:

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Possible overthinking alert: Tim Ryan's relative success, compared to Moulton (polling, debate appearances), suggests that "we need to win back white guys in the rust belt" is more potent for Democrats than "Trump is vulnerable on foreign policy."

Why the ACC Network? -In 2010 Census Bureau projected that by 2030 55% of US population would live in states bordering Atlantic Ocean. -Deep South would grow by 43% -Rust Belt states would lose 15% of population. -Among top 12 growth states . Va, NC, SC, Ga, FL 1/2

In Pics: #China 's rust belt looks abroad as growth slows, #tariffs  bite

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Feels like an incumbent who can’t break 40% against any top challenger is in trouble, but we don’t know how many of these voters were polled in rust belt diners.

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"Why the Rust Belt just gave Donald Trump a hero's welcome"

The "Rust Belt" was created by politicians like the Clintons who allowed our jobs to be stolen from us by other countries like Mexico. END!

The Rust Belt got demolished under the Obama administration. What makes think middle America voters will turn around and vote for ?

If anyone in the Rust Belt needs a job, Trump is hiring -but only if you're a foreign worker willing to work at a Trump resort for less $$$

Surprise: Rust Belt unemployment on the rise #Indiana : 3.9% (was 3.0% in June) #Michigan : 4.5% (3.7% in June) #Ohio : 5.1% (was 4.9% in May) #Wisconsin : 3.4% (was 3.1% in June) only bright spot: #Pennsylvania . current 4.7% is low point #Jobs 

Here's what the map might look like in an election held today. Trump's Rust Belt strength would help him keep MO, IN

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Gotta say, I’ve now read 3,000 profiles of poor Rust Belt Trump voters, no profiles of the OTHER white Trump voters, including rich ones.