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The president has the absolute authority to provide classified information Russians visiting the Oval Office.

Hey everyone, don't forget: the Washington Post reported that Trump told the Russians he was unconcerned about Moscow's attack on the 2016 election. And he did so in the Oval Office. This is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

@realDonaldTrump  . is accused of giving sensitive intelligence to the Russians in the Oval Office. This day in 1962, John F. Kennedy played coy - not letting on when Soviet Foreign Min. Gromyko and Amb. Dobrynin lied about nuclear missiles in Cuba. JFK had recon photos

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The Russians have known for two years that @POTUS  told them, inside the Oval Office, that he was OK with their attacks on us. They interfered in the 2016 election to help him win it, which he did, and he said, “Cool.” And we, the American public, are just now learning that. Damn.

I guess now we know why H.R. McMaster didn’t take questions after the Oval Office meeting with the Russians.

The Washington Post reports that the W.H. restricted access to Trump's 2017 comments to Russians in the Oval Office after he made troubling statements about election interference. @Lawrence  discusses with @EvelynNFarkas , @bridgewriter , and @jonathanalter .

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Trump reportedly told Russians, in Oval Office, that he didn't care about their 2016 election interference

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The secrets that Trump leaked to the Russians in the Oval Office meeting the day after firing Comey included him telling them he wasn't concerned about Moscow's election interference

We learned via a leak that Trump called Comey a “nut job” in front of the Russians and breathed easy about Mueller two full years before we found out about him telling those two envoys in the Oval Office that he didn’t mind their country interfering to help him win the election.

So the president who has refused to acknowledge Russian election interference in public - despite the unanimous assessment of our Intel community - admits it *in private* *in the Oval Office* to the Russians and says that he’s cool with it.


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!! Trump told Russians in the Oval Office he didn’t care about Russian interference in 2016 because the US did it to other countries — so WH officials buried the record of the meeting.

As Trump retaliates against political critics by revoking or reviewing their security clearances, it is worth remembering that the president himself revealed highly classified information to Russians in an Oval Office meeting.

Let me get this straight, it's "treasonous" to not applaud the President, but it's not "treasonous" to give signal intelligence to the Russians (in the Oval Office) or cover up meeting Russians to get "dirt" on a political opponent? #askingforAmerica 

Wonder if we'll eventually get a Russian recording of the Trump Putin G20 conversations -- like we got the Russians' Oval Office pics.

If Russians hacked election who was in Oval office at the time,on whose watch did it take place who was responsible for letting it happen

What if, to throw out a crazy hypothetical, Trump invited Russians to the Oval Office and fed them classified info? Would the GOP defend it?