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Russian, Turkish military start 4th joint patrol in Syria's north - MoD

Americans were fired upon from 'territory controlled by Pro-Turkish fighters' of the Syrian National Armies - Russian MoD

US Convoy In Syria Attacked By Turkey-Backed Militants: Russian MoD

#BREAKINGonRT #US  military convoy comes under fire of Turkey-backed militants i #Syria  , no casualties– Russian MoD

Russian military police & Turkish border guards started joint patrolling of Syrian-Turkish border - MoD

Russian MoD says #US  protects #oil  smugglers in #Syria , offers aerial images as proof

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Syrian crude oil is being massively smuggled outside of the country 'under strong protection of US' - Russian MoD

BREAKING: Russian MoD on operation to eliminate #Baghdadi  : No airstrikes from US or coalition in Idlib have been registered in recent days @mod_russia 

BREAKING: Russian MoD does not have reliable information on US operation in #Syria  to neutralize #Baghdadi  @mod_russia 


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A false flag chemical attack in #Syria  is being prepared by secret services of #France  & #Belgium , #WhiteHelmets  also taking part in preparations - Russian MoD

Israeli pilots used the Russian plane as cover and set it up to be targeted by the Syrian air defense forces - MoD

BREAKING: #US  jets strike #Syria 's town with banned white phosphorus bombs – Russian MoD

BREAKING: Terrorists & #WhiteHelmets  met in #Idlib  to prep for final stage false flag chem attack – Russian MoD

JUST IN: Foreign specialists arrive in Idlib de-escalation zone to stage fake chemical attack - Russian MoD

URGENT: US plans to use fake chemical weapons attack to strike SyriaRussian MoD

BREAKING: Mass graves of tortured civilians found in AleppoRussian MoD

RAF Typhoons scrambled to intercept two Russian bombers heading towards UK airspace, MOD confirms

URGENT: Russian MoD to present next week new evidence showing Turkey helping #ISIS 

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URGENT: No attempts of Turkish plane to establish contact w Russian jet before attack – MoD

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