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RT if you agree: Americans deserve a transparent, independent investigation into Russia’s involvement with the Trump camp.
THREAD: Between 2001 and 2003, Republican Senate staffers hacked into and stole 4,670 files on controversial Bush judicial nominees from 6 Democrats, including me. This scandal amounted to a digital Watergate, not unlike Russia’s hacking of the DNC.
America in 2019: The president, after spending the day tweeting alone in the White House, phones into a supporter’s Saturday night TV show and declines to say whether he is working on Russia’s behalf.
Remember Brian Benczkowski? He represented Russia’s Alfa Bank and was a top staffer to then-Senator Sessions. Senate Republicans plan to vote next week to confirm him to head the DOJ Criminal Division.
“Once again we see a president who appears to be acting impulsively and erratically — except when it comes to Russia.... Here, Trump has been eerily consistent in his willingness to adopt policies that enable Russia’s strategy while undermining ours.”
To be clear, division between the US and Europe is an explicit goal of Russia’s and a dream scenario for Putin. #TheShadowWar
Most significant in the Stone indictment is new info that a senior campaign official was “directed” in July 2016 to contact Mr. Stone about additional Wikileaks releases.

This was at same time candidate Trump was publicly calling for Russia’s help in obtaining Clinton’s emails.
No, Mr. Vice President, that’s false. The Intelligence Community reached no conclusion as to whether Russia’s actions had a determinative effect on the election’s outcome. For you and the President to continue saying it did, gravely misrepresents their work.
Mr. President, to conclude there is “no evidence” of collusion, you must ignore Russia’s extensive efforts to help your campaign, the litany of communications between Russia & your campaign, & the massive effort to conceal these contacts. Here’s the truth:
WaPo obtained a report prepared for the Senate that found Russia’s disinformation campaign used every major social media platform to deliver words, images and videos to targeted voters to help elect Donald Trump — and to support him once in office
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