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Ben Simmons out at least the next two weeks adds yet another All-Star point guard to the sidelines. Kemba Walker and Damian Lillard are still out. Kyrie's season is over. Luka Doncic and Russell Westbrook in and out of the lineup. The good news: Stephen Curry back soon.

"He doesn't battle other rappers or spinners for rec­ord sales. Instead he engages wily, older businessmen in treacherous battles for survival. Russell's not going bald 'cause it's been easy" In 1985, Nelson George profiled Russell Simmons for the Voice

Zion Williamson had his 1st 30-point game, James Harden & Russell Westbrook combined for 78 points while Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid combined for 52 points. Almost every night something great happens in the NBA.

I wrote about Russell Westbrook giving up the three (for now) and what it means for players like Ben Simmons

Russell Simmons thanks those who defended Kobe Bryant following Gayle King interview

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The new streaming service HBO Max will carry the doc “On the Record” after Oprah Winfrey’s decision to back out amid a pressure campaign by the hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons


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NBA's most popular jerseys of 2019: 1. LeBron 2. Giannis 3. Steph Curry 4. Jayson Tatum 5. James Harden 6. Luka Doncic 7. Kawhi 8. AD 9. Joel Embiid 10. Kyrie Irving 11. Ben Simmons 12. KD 13. Russell Westbrook 14. Kemba Walker 15. Zion

Team LeBron 2020 #NBAAllStar  roster LeBron James Anthony Davis Kawhi Leonard Luka Doncic James Harden Damian Lillard Ben Simmons Nikola Jokic Jayson Tatum Chris Paul Russell Westbrook Domantas Sabonis

Russell Simmons'>Message Russell Simmons sent to me regarding my sexual assault case against Adam Venit of : Dear —— NO ONE GETS A PASS

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The #NBAllStar  rosters are set! ⭐ Including LeBron trading Russell Westbrook for Ben Simmons afterwards.

Adam Venit is a great deal maker. Jerry Sandusky is a great football coach. Russell Simmons is the Godfather of Hip Hop. Woody Allen is an incredible director... But I believe you Dylan Farrow... NO ONE GETS A PASS

Four women spoke on the record with The New York Times about a pattern of violent sexual behavior by Russell Simmons from 1988 to 2014. Three of the women say that he raped them.

BREAKING: ​Model Keri Claussen Khalighi alleges that when she was 17, Russell Simmons sexually assaulted her while Brett Ratner watched. "Help me," she says she asked Ratner. But the filmmaker did nothing, she claims.

LeBron and Ben Simmons square off tonight, both averaging triple-doubles over long stretches. And then there's Russell Westbrook's 190-game stretch ... ?

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VIDEO: As Ben Simmons prepares for life as a pro, D’Angelo Russell gives him valuable advice

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