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@RichBTIG  They better save those precious $ $ $ for debt service.. This one’s heading for Valhalla… Never buy something Rupert Murdoch is selling.. He knows far more than you..

"In short, the government doesn’t need to wait years to dismantle the BBC. It just needs to create a climate that would allow Rupert Murdoch’s radio division — and other similar commercial competitors — to do it for them."

"From Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg to Jeff Bezos and Rupert Murdoch, billionaires are the captains of an economy whose cruelties have given this year its populist verve," @AnandWrites 

The statement announcing the pardon/commutation of Blago, Kerik et al includes a list of people who advocated on their behalf. Among the names: Robert Kraft, Sheldon Adelson, Rupert Murdoch, Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Geraldo Rivera, Charlie Daniels


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"20th Century Fox, a name and klieg-lit logo that stretches back 85 years in Hollywood, is dropping the word Fox so that consumers do not mistakenly think the movie studio has anything to do Rupert Murdoch’s polarizing Fox News media empire."

NEWS - Bill Barr met privately with Rupert Murdoch last night during his trip to NYC. @ktbenner  and me

Rupert Murdoch is a great guy who likes me much better as a very successful candidate than he ever did as a very successful developer!

“I sent the letter I swore I’d never send but I didn’t sign it because that way newspapers owned by the Barclay brothers, Rupert Murdoch, Viscount Rothermere & ((this still stuns me)) the Mirror Group can pretend I’m not a chiselling coward.”

I worked 13 years at the BBC. This will have been the result of direct pressure, exerted from the very top, on people whose only desire in life is become the next PR guru for Downing Street, or get an invite to Rupert Murdoch's parties ???

In 1996 Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes created a television channel whose sole goal was to manipulate and frighten millions of gullible Americans with right wing propaganda. They succeeded.

The massacre by an Australian of 50 people is the product of a nation in denial of a history built on racism and violence, with racist prime ministers and a media dominated by Rupert Murdoch. Read this brilliant piece by Chris Graham.

As President Trump arrives in the UK, we should remind ourselves that this dreadful human being owes his position entirely to Rupert Murdoch and Fox 'News' Without his support, Trump would be President Toast, and his supporters would have to vote for Roseanne BarrDamn Murdoch

Important question just raised by former Fox reporter’s lawyer with : did Rupert Murdoch make an illegal contribution to Trump campaign by killing story at Fox before election?