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“There’s a myth that people who look like me don’t have a connection to nature. We need to lower the barriers between communities of color & the outdoors, whether they’re psychological barriers or practical barriers like gear & transportation," said Rue Mapp. #PeopleOfPublicLands 

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#Seminole | ACCIDENT: SB Rue Chateaux Dr blocked at 86th Ave N. FHP reporting crash with injuries.

RB Leipzig will rue the missed opportunity to move up to second in the BundesligaDE

@frasermatthew  @arusbridgerHe 'd been shot in the jaw, and blood from the wound was later smeared over the door of his home at 398 rue Saint-Honoré. Neighbours didn't like him.

Lava La Rue ⚡️ @avaliens  “I want to make a documentary about the NiNE8 collective and the underground music scene around us” 🗳️Vote for Lava La Rue's idea on the 2020 Dazed 100⬇️

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“I reckon Scott Morrison must rue the day he ever set up that wretched national cabinet."

From Coco Chanel’s Rue Cambon salon, to the ultimate designer showdown in 1973 with the Battle of Versailles—these are the fashion visionaries who paved the way for the modern runway show

Our Aberdeen: ‘Marry in May, rue the day?’

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Jack La Rue and Esther Ralston in TO THE LAST MAN (Paramount, 1933).

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2/ This contemporary plate shows the Women's Battalion defending the Place Blanche barricade very hard to defend angle at the top of Rue Fonataine...


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Wore Rue’s hoody today, haven’t worn or washed it since we wrapped. Safe to say I’m deep in my feels lol

bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark....

Irony goes supercharged as the new blue passport is made in Poland by French/Dutch firm and UK passport maker De La Rue left at risk and laying people off. I don’t recall the slogan ‘British jobs for Polish workers’ but here it is in action. Somehow this is a success.

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If we allow Trump’s obstruction of Congress to succeed, it will have enduring consequences. It will mean a future Congress will be unable to conduct meaningful oversight of a president of either party. Republicans who enable Trump's obstruction now will rue the day they did.

Greenville, MS, mayor tells cops to give $500 tickets for attending drive-in church safely inside cars; he may rue the day he trampled 1st amendment. That’s b/c DOJ is ready to make it a REAL federal case, & they’re on the side of the churchgoers.

I know Roseanne. And I know Trump. And they are about to rue the day they knew me...

This report on climate change is a clanging alarm. Generations will rue our inaction. It's likely the biggest story of our age, and Trump mocks science, reverses progress, and appoints judges to do the same. Will the future of the planet be a voting issue?

A nation that sacrifices its unborn on the alter of sexual convenience and political expediency is headed for a fall and the politicians who expedite it will rue the day they signed it into law. You can call late term abortion by any name you choose, but the truth is, it’s murder

PARIS! 20-22, rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques. 1:30 today will be #withDanKanter  singing on the balcony! come sing with me!

about to head over to 20-22, rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques here in PARIS! who is coming to sing with me and #WithDanKanter