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Ruby Princess passengers warned after crew member tests positive to tuberculosis

A Ruby Princess crew member in a Sydney hospital has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, prompting authorities to notify all recent passengers. #9News 

Ruby Princess passengers warned after crew member tests positive to tuberculosis

Passengers on board the virus-stricken Ruby Princess cruise ship have been issued another health warning regarding tuberculosis.

@SteveHart10News  has the latest on the tuberculosis warning for passengers of the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

Ruby Princess passengers warned after crew member tests positive to tuberculosis

There's fresh scandal surrounding the Ruby Princess cruise ship tonight with passengers now being warned that may be at risk of another infectious disease. They have been contacted after a crew member tested positive to tuberculosis. @campricenews  #7NEWS 

There have been no new coronavirus cases in South Australia but the troubled Ruby Princess cruise ship is engulfed in a fresh health scandal. #7NEWS 

There's a fresh health scandal engulfing the troubled Ruby Princess cruise ship. #7NEWS 

There's a fresh scandal surrounding the Ruby Princess cruise ship with passengers now being warned a crew member has tested positive for tuberculosis. The bacterial infection of the lungs is contagious and can be serious. #7NEWS 


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#BREAKING : Passengers on board the Ruby Princess cruise that lead to the State’s biggest Coronavirus cluster, have been issued with another health warning, after a crew member was diagnosed with tuberculosis this week.

Watching this ABC report on the Ruby Princess, it is gobsmacking the Prime Minister still has a replica of an asylum seeker boat on his desk engraved “I stopped these”. Given the hurt of that episode frankly it was already gobsmacking. But after this failure, no words... #auspol 

NSW Health has now identified four separate cruises which docked in Sydney affected by COVID-19, in addition to the Ruby Princess. 83 new cases identified in NSW in the last 24 hours taking the total to 436 including six deaths.

The PM is asked to guarantee that Ruby Princess inquiry commissioner Bret Walker SC can interview fed officials, given when he was SA Murray-Darling royal commissioner, Fed Govt went to High Court to block access."We always cooperate w royal commissions." (Me: except, you didn't)

The fix is in! Although Dutton's Border Force is jointly responsible with NSW for Ruby Princess debacle, Murdoch maintains his Morrison/Dutton protection racket. Gladys takes the hit instead. Very subtle, boys. Dutton, the border-security tough man, stays in Witness Protection.

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It is alleged a SYD federal MP "used political influence to expedite the disembarkation of the Ruby Princess because they had some high profile friends on board". The allegation comes from a senior hospital executive. Twitter ... do your work. Who knows more?

In fairness if schools do open and something does go wrong you can be certain the federal government will accept the blame for that and not put it on the states in a blame game...just like it did when the Ruby Princess discreetly slipped passed border force and docked in NSW.

So Don Harwin resigns for going to his holiday property when it was legal to do so, but emergency services minister David Elliott holidays in Europe when the state was in a declared emergency and health minister Brad Hazzard presided over the Ruby Princess offload...

NSW Health says it will no longer provide confirmed covid19 cases from the Ruby Princess because there is a police investigation underway. This reeks of a coverup. How does releasing figures impact an investigation? The public has a right to know. #RubyPrincess 

#BREAKING: 49 people who travelled on the Ruby Princess cruise ship that docked in Sydney last week have tested positive for COVID-19.