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"Get your skates on - first race is half past two," says Dennis Skinner, referencing Royal Ascot #QueensSpeech
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Ahead of our #CoralPreview tonight, we've got ANOTHER pair of Friday Royal Ascot Tickets to giveaway!

RT & Follow to win. Winner at 3pm.
To celebrate tonight's #CoralPreview, we're giving away a pair of Royal Ascot tickets for Friday! RT & follow for your chance. Winner at 12!
Dennis Skinner's traditional #QueensSpeech heckle referred to Her Majesty's appointment at Royal Ascot this afternoon.
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Royal Ascot with @jjujworld
Royal Ascot featuring Leroy Jenkins...
En route to Royal @Ascot with @georgeujworld
Final piece of fast work for A Shin Hikari ahead of Wednesday's Prince of Wales's Stakes at Royal Ascot #AShinHikari
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Royal Ascot today. Hoping one'll do a bit better than the England Football Team. The DoE says Tesco wouldn't even put them in a burger.
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