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Canon: brown eyes, frizzy hair and very clever. White skin was never specified. Rowling loves black Hermione
RT if you're still mad at JK Rowling for killing off Jub Jub
Today, @jk_rowling posted 8 hateful tweets about Donald Trump 'snubbing' a disabled boy.
She lied.
This taunt from @jk_rowling hasn't aged well.
JK Rowling posted 8 tweets furiously abusing Trump for snubbing a disabled boy.
It was a lie.
Here's the truth:
5 months
Just when i think im having a weird morning, JK Rowling apologizes for killing Snape. so im convinced i woke up in a parallel timeline today
@jk_rowling hi. Can I speak to you please.
Liberals like @jk_rowling are all for tolerance & free speech, until you refuse to call Trump the new Hitler.
Then you can 'F**K OFF!!!!'
So @jk_rowling still hasn't deleted her lies about Trump snubbing a disabled boy?
Why not?
She is all about honesty, right?
Please support @jk_rowling and the #WeAreLumos worldwide campaign. Limited edition shirt available at…
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