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Pent up demand? Pres Trump back at his golf club in Sterling, VA this morning, 2nd day in a row. Was tweeting on the drive there including one spotlighting decrease in the number of Coronavirus cases and deaths, even as total deaths nears 100,000.

WATCH: President Trump golfs on Sunday at his Virginia golf club for the second day in a row.

For the second day in a row, Trump has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va.

President #Trump  is golfing at his club in Virginia for the second day in a row.

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Row over mask comes as Donald Trump sides with church leaders defying governors by holding services 😷

Behind Trump and Sessions Twitter row, a key Senate seat

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Trump has arrived at his namesake golf club in Northern Virginia for the second day in a row. "A small number of protesters were outside the entrance to the club. One held a sign that read: 'I care do you, 100,000 dead.'" per pooler @catherine_lucey 

Pictures show Donald Trump wearing mask after Ford factory row

Pictures show Donald Trump wearing mask after Ford factory row

Pictures show Donald Trump wearing mask after Ford factory row


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UFC president Dana White has praised Trump for backing the UFC early on—including agreeing to host fights at his venues and watching from the front row. “Nobody took us seriously. Nobody. Except Donald Trump. Donald was the first guy to recognize the potential we saw in the UFC”

The Trump Administration hit its economic forecast 2 years in a row—the first administration ever to do so!

For the second year in a row, Trump is diverting important Defense Department funding to build his wall. Billions of dollars of other people's money wasted on a vanity project. He used to do that just with his father’s money.

Trump then makes two flagrant lies in a row: 1) He said the US military got its first pay raise in 10 years. FACT: The military has received a pay increase each year except for '83 and that was a technical glitch. rated it Pants on Fire.

Trump was sitting talking when the salute to troops started at Nats ballpark. When he noticed the row of Marines he jumped to his feet, pumped his fist in air and clapped. Deep loud boo from throughout the park when jumbotron showed Trump. Some chanted: “Lock. Him. Up!”

"Why didn't you stand up for our man in Washington?" @afneil  pushes Boris Johnson on whether his response to the Trump email row was a factor in Sir Kim Darroch's resignation Watch in full at 7pm on @BBCOne  #BBCOurNextPM  [tap to expand]

NEW: Britain’s spy chiefs are secretly battling Trump to stop classified info from the Russia probe being released. has talked to a dozen+ UK/US officials about the row. Full details in paper tomorrow, a summary thread below.

For 2nd night in row at Trump rally (tonite in Springfield, last nite in Las Vegas), crowd spontaneously breaks into cheers of "KA-VA-NAUGH!" at mention of the president nominating conservative judges

The White House issues a “travel/photo lid,” meaning for the third day in a row, Trump will remain out of sight with no public appearances scheduled. He has yet to publicly acknowledge the Florence-related deaths.

Trump did not attend a funeral for the victims of the Parkland shooting. But this weekend, he's taking the time to address the for the 4th year in a row. He is the first sitting president to do so.