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Hotpot With Guo Ping Episode 4: What’s the real purpose of #HarmonyOS ? #Huawei  Rotating Chairman Guo Ping tells global thought leader @JeffreyTowson  how it builds a human-centered #ecosystem , providing a #secure  & #trusted  platform to facilitate global communications. #HuaweiNewsNews 

“There are thousands of ways to achieve a goal, but nothing is more important than willpower and the courage to act”: #Huawei  Rotating Chairman Guo Ping explains what he has learned through experience. Watch the full video: #FoodForThought 

Years of working at Huawei has taught Rotating Chairman Guo Ping that a small step leads to a big leap. What else did he share with global thought leader @JeffreyTowson  over a special hotpot interview? #WhoAreWe  #FoodforThought 

What’s more important: health, wealth or happiness? #Huawei  Rotating Chairman Guo Ping shares his #advice  for #career  starters with global thought leader @JeffreyTowson  in Episode 2 of Hotpot with Guo Ping. #HuaweiNewsNews 

Fancy a bite and a beer? Huawei Rotating Chairman Guo Ping grabbed #hotpot  with global thought leader Jeffrey Towson, discussing career goals and being #happy  & #healthy  while seeking #success . Watch to hear his #Huawei  journey. Enjoy the treat! #HuaweiNowNow 

Hotpot With Guo Ping Episode 5: What's the key ingredient to Huawei’s successful talent strategy? #Huawei  Rotating Chairman Guo Ping explains to global thought leader @JeffreyTowson  how the company has always attached great importance to the development of its people. #HuaweiNewsNews 

Food for thought from Rotating Chairman Guo Ping. Check out more about what he learned early in his career in this video.

How can we maximize the value of technology in the next 5 years? Huawei Rotating Chairman Guo Ping refers to #electricity  in explaining to global thought leader @JeffreyTowson  how #5G  & #computing  will help improve lives worldwide. #HuaweiNews 

What inspires Rotating Chairman Guo Ping at work and in life? He shared some personal reflections and advice with global thought leader @JeffreyTowson  over a hotpot lunch. To find out more, watch the video:

What will the upcoming 4 episodes of Hotpot with Guo Ping be serving up? Stay tuned as Peking University professor and "Jeff's Asia Tech Class" host @JeffreyTowson  and #Huawei  Rotating Chairman Guo Ping chew the fat on some tasty topics. #HuaweiNewsNews 

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Episode 1 of Hotpot with Guo Ping is served! Huawei’s #success  isn’t the product of a special recipe. It’s due to hard work, #innovation  and a slice of #luck , as global thought leader @JeffreyTowson  learned when he met #Huawei  Rotating Chairman Guo Ping.

Mohamed bin Zayed receives Guo Ping, the Rotating Chairman of the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei

How will 5G + X create a smart era? By unleashing a new wave of growth much like electricity did in the 20th century, says #Huawei  Rotating Chairman Guo Ping at #WebSummit  2019. Learn more at , and watch the keynote here: ➡️

Rotating Chairman Guo Ping presented Huawei’s 2018 annual report, highlighting the company’s USD105.2 billion revenue, YoY growth of 19.5%, 14% investment in R&D and more. Details here:

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How are economies in APAC fairing in their #digitaltransformation  journeys? Huawei Rotating Chairman, Guo Ping, talks about the importance of a close-knit digital ecosystem at #HID18 . Find out more:

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Rotating Chairman Guo Ping'>Huawei Rotating Chairman Guo Ping: We will continue to face every challenge to create a fully connected, intelligent world for all.

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