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Wow. "It was Trump’s genius to sense how pervasive is the moral rot within the GOP, something to which the establishment, including me, was for the most part oblivious." @TB_Times  @PoliticsTBTimes  @TBTimes_Opinion  @MacStipanovich  @realDonaldTrump 

This is the rot, right here. We used to be willing to sacrifice things, important things, for the sake of democracy. Now it’s like, I don’t know, the economy‘s pretty good and who likes taxes amirite?

What happens when not even the Jews will speak out for the Jews? Read the full article: The Rot Inside American Jewish Organizations ▸ #AntiZionism  #Israel  #Palestinians  #Jews 

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Eww? Burger King lets Whopper rot to prove its dedication to ‘real food’

Let Her Rot in Jail, Says Father of Amulya Leon, Arrested For Raising Pro-Pakistan Slogans #AmulyaLeon  #Bengaluru  #Owaisi 

Eww? @BurgerKing  lets Whopperrot to prove its dedication to ‘real food’

@dsquareddigest  @duncanrobinsonS  @GavinHJacksono  if costs rise and margins are wafer-thin, you’re saying many care homes go bust, old-folk rot at home & care homes become domain of super-rich?

Why Burger King Is Forcing Everyone to Watch a Mouldy Rot'>Whopper Rot

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Fuck George Zimmerman. He's a sentient pile of racist, sewage. A coward and a murderer. Got his ass kicked & then killed the 17 year old kid that he started the fight with. Punk ass. Fuck you George. Your mother should've swallowed or spit you on the mattress. I hope you ROT.

Burger King decided to let one of its burgers rot to make a statement.


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Donald Trump is the most corrupt President in modern US history. But Trump didn’t cause the rot in Washington – he’s just the biggest, stinkiest example of a system that no longer works for the people. That’s why this #PresidentsDay , I’m fighting for my bill to #EndCorruptionNow .

INSTANT KARMA: Liberal man insulted a 9/11 widow, saying her husband should "rot in his grave." Then, he gets confronted by her (very large) son. Just watch the reaction...too perfect.

It's a sign of the rot in our political system that all conversation about holding the president accountable takes the form of discussing "What Democrats should do," because Republicans have utterly abdicated their oversight role.

In judging this era, Trump mustn't be the only subject of the sentence. All who abetted, normalized, & rationalized his actions share responsibility. The recent NOAA statement and the story of military flights to Scotland to benefit his property demonstrate the rot of complicity.

also, FUCK white supremacists. you're disgusting and can rot right next to your racist ideology.

California crops rot as immigration crackdown creates farmworker shortage

This is Unacceptable ! Cant do this to our CRPF jawaans .This rot has to stop. Badtameezi ki hadd hai.

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Puerto Rico is being left to rot in the heat and the dark. This is an acutely distressing piece of reporting.