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Twitter suspended Rose McGowan’s account after she called out men for sex assault, and it makes absolutely no sense to the internet.
So let me get this straight: Rose McGowan gets suspended but @twitter is fine with neo-nazis continuing to hate mob?
Rose McGowan to Bill Clinton: Lewinsky's life 'destroyed due to your selfishness'
Shocking🙄: Rose McGowan says Lisa Bloom offered money for Weinstein support via @MailOnline
Rose McGowan: "Twitter has suspended me. There are powerful forces at work. Be my voice."
Last night a group was talking about Farrow's expose & someone pointed out the obvious: if Rose McGowan had told the story of the Mossad spies earlier, everyone would have simply assumed she was nuts.
Rose McGowan, who accused Ben Affleck of lying about Harvey Weinstein, said "There are powerful forces at work"
Rose McGowan turned herself in on drug charges today. She believes she was set up. My report on the strange saga of her arrest, including her first interview on the subject:
Rose McGowan to @BillClinton: Lewinsky's life 'destroyed due to your selfishness'
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