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Get an EXCLUSIVE first look at Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan in @aprivatewar, based on the incredible true story of tenacious war correspondent Marie Colvin: #APrivateWar
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Rosamund Pike was spectacular in Gone Girl. Glorious, absolutely remarkable. Oscar worthy, for certain. My boner concurrs.
Stop everything: Rosamund Pike is red hot on the #ERedCarpet!
Rosamund Pike endures A Private War in first look at Marie Colvin biopic
Based on the extraordinary life of Marie Colvin, Rosamund Pike stars in #APrivateWar, the narrative feature debut of documentary filmmaker Matthew Heineman.
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Watch Rosamund Pike & Jamie Dornan in the trailer for "A Private War"
Based on a true story, Rosamund Pike stars in the first trailer for #APrivateWar
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'Fifty Shades' actor Jamie Dornan will star with Rosamund Pike in the Marie Colvin biopic (EXCLUSIVE)
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