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Does Matt Gaetz know how to say ‘Rorschach?’ 🤔

Looking for some unusual, creative, thoughtful presets this holiday season? Try these prints of stunning Rorschach silhouettes of trees from the 1920s

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Here’s the latest Rorschach test from the Bucs. What do you see?, via @romano_tbtimes  #GoBucs  #INDvsTB 

Here’s the latest Rorschach test from the Bucs. What do you see?

That Biden thing is really a Rorschach. I’ve heard from a number of fair minded people who were really disappointed by it. I thought it was fine and something he should do more of.

Biogen’s Rorschach readout continues as detailed Alzheimer’s data divide experts

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Oh, Rorschach is deeply, deeply f'd in the head. Keep an eye out for Silhouette, the world's most wasted character!

Declining birthrates are like a Rorschach test and it's easy to blame it on your own pet peeves (for Douthat, same-sex marriage, no-fault divorce, the sexual revolution, etc.). But the cost of having children in America is insane. Maybe fix that first?

The Seventh Kavalry are a white supremacist group in 'Watchmen.' So why are they wearing Rorschach's mask?


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The @elizabethforma  transition plan is a good Rorschach test. If you didn't trust her to fight for M4A, you're confirmed in your fear. If you think she'll fight for M4A by navigating political obstacles like cost and fear-of-change, you think the plan is now much closer to happening

I know it's a work in progress but driving around LaGuardia airport is like falling into a Rorschach Test. I haven't seen new "Joker" movie but sure it begins with mild manner guy looking for terminal C parking

Mueller's statement is going through the Rorschach test of our current political divisions. But in essence it echoes all of the devastating reality in his report and his belief that ultimate accountability for the President must be the duty of Congress.

It feels like we are living in the inkblot that is a Rorschach test for American democracy.

Sandmann doesn’t think he has anything to apologize for. Fine. I understand why. But until folks like him bother-for even just a minute-to see how their own actions are perceived, these racial Rorschach tests will keep happening. More smirks, more division

This incident is a Rorschach test for racism. A white referee who once called a colleague “nigger” told a black wrestler to cut his dreadlocks off or be forced to forfeit. A white journalist called the young man a “team player.” I saw a kid being violated.

This is a Rorschach Test for what type of mettle we should require of those who would serve as our president.

Without Steve Ditko there would have been no Spider-Man, no Doctor Strange, no Creeper, no Hawk and Dove, none of the black and white reprint comics I read in seaside resorts as a boy. No The Question (which means no Rorschach). No Mister A. No mystery.

I think last night might have been the biggest Rorschach test ever

I wrote about how Tyrod Taylor is a Rorschach Test for how we think and talk about quarterbacks in 2017: