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El Camino ties up Breaking Bad’s loose ends but doesn’t answer the lingering question: Who are we rooting for?

Tapos na pala La Salle-Ateneo game 😨 Who were you rooting for?

Rooting for the Yankees is like watching “Miracle On Ice” and rooting for the Soviets.

El Camino ties up Breaking Bad’s loose ends but doesn’t answer the lingering question: Who are we rooting for?

Here’s what Dolphins fans need to be rooting for and the potential consequences

Rooting for LSU is exhausting

Aaron Boone's mom is rooting for a 'Boone versus Boone World Series'

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I had no rooting interest in Georgia game. But #Bulldogs  were a mess from the first quarter on.. Didn't deserve to win... #Denver7 


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The question I was asked most today by fellow World Leaders, who think the USA is doing so well and is stronger than ever before, happens to be, “Mr. President, why does the American media hate your Country so much? Why are they rooting for it to fail?”

It is absolutely appropriate for the President to call for rooting out corruption in any country with whom we do business. The media is giving legitimate corruption concerns a total pass, misconstruing the facts, and helping further @RepAdamSchiff’s impeachment agenda.

Please get "brand new." Please do not stay the same. Please learn & grown. I'm rooting for your evolution.

What struck me about is his humility and deep passion for a better India. Happy to have met him today. We are all rooting for his victory in Gurdaspur! We both agree- हिन्दुस्तान जिंदाबाद था, है, और रहेगा!

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Rooting for you @ladygaga ! You got this ❤🙌🏻🎤 #LittleMonsters 

Democrats are so obviously rooting against us in our negotiations with North Korea. Just like they are coming to the defense of MS 13 thugs, saying that they are individuals & must be nurtured, or asking to end your big Tax Cuts & raise your taxes instead. Dems have lost touch!

[ 📽: #SEHUN ] SEHUN is spotted at the press conference of stylish action mobile movie ‘Dokgo Rewind’! He showed off his marvelous charisma there as well. Please keep rooting for SEHUN and his farther acts as an actor~! ✨ #SMTOWN  #세훈 #EXO  #엑소 #SMmakesIT  #MAKEsIT 

these events can be nerve wracking and intense and a lot, and you need all the love you can get!!!!! this girl right here is always supporting and rooting for me,i saw her shiny disco dress & saw her standing up for me got your back always,Tay + Baby C forever 💞 (la pic 2012 me)

"While we might never meet, I know BTS is rooting for me and every single other young person who is finding it hard to love themselves" 💜 #LOVEYOURSELF  #BTSArmy 

Last night, Trump suggested that congressional oversight of his administration will hurt our economy. That’s false. But corruption will. Rooting out malfeasance is vital to our democracy and prosperity. Know what else hurts the economy? Ridiculous government shutdowns.