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Jefferson Sessions lost his composure there for a moment, under Ron Wyden's tough questioning. My my my...
2 months
Sen. Ron Wyden says Comey's statement reveals "an almost Watergate level effort to interfere in the investigation"
2 months
Sen. Ron Wyden on AG Jeff Sessions' hearing: "Some of these answers just don't pass the smell test"
From Sen Ron Wyden: a bill to require candidates for president to file w FEC their 3 most recent tax returns.
Sen. Ron Wyden: I don't see the case for Jared Kushner being allowed to keep his security clearance
Ron Wyden wants to remind you—the FBI knows things about Trump and Russia that they're not sharing
7 months
Republican Sen. Pat Roberts offers a Valium to Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden at Steven Mnuchin's confirmation hearing
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