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Suetonius claims Caligula wanted his favorite horse, Incinatus, installed in the Roman Senate. True of not, Incinatus has become synonymous with a pliant, useless parliamentarian. The plural of Incinatus, a 3rd declension proper noun, is Incinati.

What the Roman senate's grovelling before emperors explains about GOP senators' support for Trump via @ConversationUS 

The Metropolitan Opera asks: What if the Roman Empire — with all its decadence, corruption and power-grabbing rulers left unchecked by an oddly docile Senate — had never really ended?

What the Roman senate’s groveling before emperors explains about GOP senators’ support for Trump

What the Roman senate’s groveling before emperors tells us about GOP senators’ support for Trump

The Pennsylvania Senate voted to dramatically expand statutes of limitation in sexual abuse cases where children as well as young adults are the victims. The move comes in response to the debate growing out of Roman Catholic Church abuse scandals.

Jeanine Añez, the Senate leader who has claimed the interim presidency of the Andean country, seems to have the backing of the police, the military and the Roman Catholic Church.

If Emperor Augustus is going to allow gladiators to earn denarii for their likeness while fed and sheltered ahead of their death matches, I will introduce in the Roman Senate a law that subjects boarding given to arena fodder who choose to “cash in” to Imperial taxes


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From ‘Persona’, an exhibition staged by Makinarium in Curia Iulia, the antique home of the RomanSenate, life-sized replicas of the models and their heads who walked the #GucciFW18  fashion show in the #GucciHub .

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Today, March 15th, is my birthday, so I’m going to wear my finest toga, take a huge sip of coffee, and stroll through the Roman Senate.

On this day in 71B.C. the Thracian gladiator Spartacus was put to death by Marcus Licinius Crassus for disclosing confidential scrolls. When informed days later that in fact the Roman Senate had already publicly released the scrolls, Crassus replied “Oh, ok, my bad”.

HISTORY: On this day in 27 BC, Gaius Octavius Thurinus was given the title 'Augustus' by the Senate, thereby establishing the Roman Empire.

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The Arch of Augustus at Rimini was dedicated to the Emperor Augustus by the Roman Senate in 27 BC and is the oldest Roman arch which survives. ?

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Tonight at 11/10c, America breathes a sigh of relief knowing that Alabama isn’t sending Cowboy Roman Polanski to the Senate.

HISTORY: On this day in 43 BC, Augustus forced the Senate to elect him Consul of the Roman Republic.

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House GOP has violated EVERY process criticism they made against Dems in 2009-10, and made those Dems look like Roman Senate by comparison

#onthisday in 27 BC the Senate gave Octavian the title of Augustus, creating the Roman Empire

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