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Throughout their career, the Pretty Things drew inevitable comparisons to the Rolling Stones. (They were often described as a raunchier version.)

last band up next... got that end of festival feeling, minus the worry about getting home at least, it’s been a load of fun. Our answer to the Rolling Stones up next @TheWavePictures  thanks @Tim_Burgess  #TimsTwitterListeningParty 

Amazing: absurdly forced. So bad it’s almost good. Entirely irrelevant. Long forgotten. On a level of In build up to marbles competition Charlie Watts excited about Rolling Stones. George Harrison looks forward to his favourite part of insect exhibition. Etc, etc. Jesus wept.

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A day late but #TBT  to that one time (best day ever) The Rolling Stones came through. NBD. 🙌 🙌 🙌

Ronnie Wood: Somebody Up There Likes Me, documents his rock and roll life from joining the music scene in the 1960s to working with the Jeff Beck Group, Faces and finally The Rolling Stones. @ronniewood  📺 Sky Arts 📆 6th June | 9pm

The Rolling Stones went on to have worldwide hits, but the Pretty Things remained a cult band. They influenced other musicians — David Bowie covered two Pretty Things songs on his 1973 album “Pin-Ups” — but they were not widely known to casual listeners.


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WH played Rolling Stones at the end of his speech at Honeywell mask facility in Arizona. Just as they do at his rallies.

Lost my rolling stones shirt and Harry spray painted on my stusse baseball shirt.... I now have no shirts to wear

The Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga "Gimme Shelter" performance in HD

If you want to understand how much the putatively objective press has internalized Trump’s own metrics for evaluating public events, check out these headlines treating a hearing where Mueller all but said the president is unprosecuted felon as a lackluster Rolling Stones reunion

Gimme Shelter. It just two nights away!! :) Can't wait to sing with the Rolling Stones on Saturday Night. In 2007 i was stripping to them.

@ladygaga  had on serious cray high heels last nite jumping all over Rolling Stones stage putting all vet runway models to shame.

Have a couple of wicked ramones and rolling stones tops we'll be sending out with them too X #5sosreppin