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Netflix supports strong #NetNeutrality. We oppose the FCC's proposal to roll back these core protections.
. is on a ROLL! talks about the group's debut performance, new si#BBMAsngle and more going down this Sunday on NBC. #BTS_BBMAs
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This Administration continues to attack and roll back protections for our nation’s beloved public lands. The ANTIQUITIES Act would make it clear to this Administration: Congress alone has the power to modify national monument designations. We must protect our sacred lands.
When all else fails, roll bigger joints.
Given up on the sleep thing ! I'll just go to the gym instead @M1Jarvis, let's roll
After a vegan sausage roll sends Piers Morgan into a meltdown, experts say it’s a good job he isn’t one of those easily-offended snowflakes he's always talking about.
A man came up to me & said...

“Don’t You Think You’re TOO OLD To Be Running Around The Stage Like That,..Singing Rock n Roll”⁉️
I Said
“I Don’t Know,.. Why Don’t you Ask Mick Jagger”
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