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Why one of David Rockefeller’s most prized possessions was a simple pea @TandCmag 

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The super-luxe Eau Palm, once a social club for the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts, is a cool oceanside retreat set across seven private acres of The Palm Beaches.

People still argue over who was more to blame, Rivera or the Rockefellers. But nobody doubts that the demolition was an act of vandalism. It's amazing that a "progressive" school board would now propose to re-enact this destruction.

It's 1933! The Leninist government the Soviet Union has starved millions of Ukrainians to death. Communist factions are conspiring to seize power all over the troubled capitalist world. So, now it's the Rockefellers who are irked. They demand Rivera paint out Lenin.

Rivera provided a sketch of the mural, Rockefellers accepted. Rivera signed for a big fee. Then ... trouble. Rivera's fellow Communists mocked and derided him for accepting Rockefeller money and participating in their capitalist agit-prop. Irked, Rivera acted out ...

(I quote from memory, maybe not exact) "If the Rockefellers wanted a portrait of a Worker Hero, who else would they have expected other than Lenin?" Wolfe mockingly replied to his Stalin-line friend: "I don't know Diego. Possibly Trotsky?" -end-

Rivera refuses. Artist and patron go eyeball to eyeball. The Rockefellers eventually chisel the mural off their wall. The Mexican Cultural Incident in Washington hosted a fantastic exhibition on all this in 2014, with drawings and photos of the mural.

Opinion | "America was not built just by the Fords, Rockefellers and Morgans. It was also built on the back of immigrants, no matter what country they came from."

In the ‘50s and ’60s, Rockefeller often toured the fertile fields in a silver Jeep, looking every inch the “gringo in charge.” The aristocratic pace of life continued when Jorge Ruiz del Vizo bought the estate from the Rockefellers: polo horses, white-gloved servers, the works.

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An estate that's entertained 20 U.S. presidents, countless members of Congress and iconic American families, including the Rockefellers, is on the market for a cool $22.5 million.


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Remarkable account of how the Rockefellers stood up to Exxon. It too real guts and made a real difference #exxonknew 

David Rockefeller’s (1915-2017) $900M in lifetime philanthropy is equivalent to donating $24,000 for every day of his life.

Rockefellers Join Soros & Rothschild In Cryptocurrency Investment Plans

Shouldn't we be as outraged by US interference in Canadian elections as Americans are about Russian interference in US elections? Just a thought: (Vivian Krause): , the Rockefellers and Alberta's landlocked oil #abpoli  #cdnpoli 

"Rothschilds & Rockefellers Need To Go Down To Free America..."

Not since time of Carnegies, Rockefellers & Vanderbilts at turn of 20th century has so much been owned by so few.

Divesting fossil fuel stock, Rockefellers say 'no sane rationale' for anyone continuing to explore for oil. Exactly!

"They speak like Marx Rule like Stalin And live like Rockefellers While the people suffer" #Venezuela  -

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