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Rob Manfred’s office has an understanding with all 30 teams that non-player employees will remain paid through April 30 at the least: scouts, et al. “What happens beyond April remains an unknown but we are status quo until then,” reads a team’s note @JeffPassan  mentioned before)

MLB and the MLBPA have struck a deal in which commissioner Rob Manfred has the discretion to shorten the 2020 draft to as few as five rounds, ESPN's @JeffPassan  reports. Here are some notable active players drafted outside the first five rounds.

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This is *the* greatest challenge that MLB has ever faced, a larger disruption to their core business than two World Wars. And the man in charge of navigating this minefield is Rob. Manfred. How can you not worry under this set of facts?

Rob Manfred is doing everything within his power to give us all hope for a baseball season. Unfortunately, it’s the coronavirus calling the shots right now. #MLB 

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said the organization will reach a decision about when to resume its delayed season only after it's "comfortable that the public health situation supports that decision"

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred isn't optimistic about 162-game season

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred says "public health situation" will guide when games start again

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Major League Baseball and Fanatics sportswear teaming up to make medical gear Rob Manfred and @MichaelGRubin  discuss

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May is still the goal, commissioner Rob Manfred says, but there are many scenarios in play. Only one thing is for sure: When baseball finally returns, it means society has turned a corner, Gregor Chisholm writes.

@DPLennon : Rob Manfred optimistic there will be baseball this year, but it's out of his hands:

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Rob Manfred and Fanatics Chairman Michael Rubin have agreed to stop production of MLB jerseys and will instead create masks and gowns to donate during the coronavirus pandemic (via @MichaelGRubin )

MLB Rob Manfred'>Commissioner Rob Manfred having conference call at noon advising all teams to shut down their facilities. Several GMs are bracing for delay now as late as July

Rob Manfred’s 2nd presser to explain all the cheating...

The Rob Manfred answer on buzzers was revealing in several ways: 1) MLB was "aware" of this "before the investigation." 2) Since he felt players were honest about 2017 & '18, it was "hard to figure out" why they'd lie about '19 3) Is he "100% sure" there were no buzzers? He's not

Rob Manfred - the only guy who ever could’ve made me feel better about the Bud Selig era. Rob Manfred - the best thing that ever happened to Roger Goodell. Rob Manfred — like Gary Bettman after 3 drinks. Rob Manfred - filming his own @30for30 , doesn’t seem to realize it.

Justin Turner's reaction to Rob Manfred'>Commissioner Rob Manfred calling the World Series trophy a "piece of metal": “I don’t know if the commissioner has ever won anything in his life.”

Meanwhile Rob Manfred made the Astros get rid of a couple of clubhouse TVs

Many team officials across baseball frustrated, appalled by MLB decision on Astros/spygate. They believe that Rob Manfred threatened in past to come down hard on violators of electronic surveillance rule, and now with crystal-clear evidence of HOU breaking rules, nothing happens.

Papi wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Except for the following: LeBron D Rose Dan Gilbert Well, all Cavs, really And Dolphins (except Kiko) Tricky Nicky Fidel Goodell Anyone who questions his Heisman vote Skip Bayless Spo sometimes Jeffrey Loria Derek Jeter Rob Manfred

"It's a conversation I'm expecting to have." - MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on Pete Rose's Hall of Fame eligibility

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