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🧐“The GOP group charged with winning state legislatures is...struggling to explain why its new president, Austin Chambers, was also moonlighting as a general consultant for Louisiana businessman EddieRispone's failed bid for governor.”

Inside John Bel Edwards' reelection: How Louisiana's 'accidental' governor held off Rispone'>Eddie Rispone via @theadvocatebr 

So glad his terrible judgment has also hurt Trump and helped Dems. He urged Trump to campaign for Rispone in LA, holding 3 rallies, while others in GOP warned it could help Edwards drive out turnout —and it did.

After John Bel Edwards' razor-thin win over Rispone'>Eddie Rispone, why haven't we heard from Donald Trump? Read Stephanie Grace's column here:

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John Bel Edwards’ close reelection victory was the result of EddieRispone’s inept campaign, not the president’s lack of influence.

Rispone strategist says GOP lost because Edwards is popular

Rispone campaign manager says they lost because Edwards is popular governor, good candidate

"[Rispone] made it close, but close only counts in horseshoes." Sen. Mitch McConnell speaks on the Louisiana gubernatorial election.

President Trump went all-in for Eddie Rispone in the Louisiana governor’s race, but Democrat John Bel Edwards won on the strength of African-American turnout


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President Trump is in Louisiana to rally support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Rispone'>Eddie Rispone. LA's current Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards has enacted the largest tax hike in state history👎 Vote@EddieRispone  & ALL Republicans THIS Saturday!

Here’s a list of things and people Donald Trump has endorsed: Matt Bevin Eddie Rispone Sean Spicer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV The Washington Generals Gigli George Armstrong Custer The Hare Anything I’m missing?

JUST IN: Louisiana Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards will narrowly win reelection, beating out Republican challenger Rispone'>Eddie Rispone, CNN projects

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WWL Projects: John Bel Edwards has been re-elected to a second term, defeating Rispone'>Republican Eddie Rispone see the results here:

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I watched the only LA Governor’s debate. It was weirdly compelling because Rispone'>Eddie Rispone literally knew nothing about anything. He was a bag of MAGA cliches and bidnessman bluster. Electing him would have meant a slide back to Jindalian disaster.

JUST IN: The AP projects Louisiana Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards has won re-election, defeating GOP opponent Rispone'>Eddie Rispone. This is the third and final gubernatorial election of 2019 and the second loss for President Trump, who campaigned for all 3 Republicans.

Remarkable, if you think about it though. Rispone was down at least 48 points to Edwards as of 2 weeks ago before Trump came in and nearly dragged him over the finish line.

REPUBLICANS of Louisiana, it is really important for you to go out and vote on October 12th for either Eddie Rispone or Ralph Abraham (both Great), which will lead to a runoff against....