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Sharp rise recorded for coronavirus cases in some UK regions

#ACTU secretary @sallymcmanus ⁩ signals a willingness to ease demands for a 4% minimum wage rise from July. “We’re going to be sensible about it, of course. We want to save jobs.” #insiders  #auspol 

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In Canada, there is an abstinence period of three months for men who have sex with men and wish to donate blood. Should Canada further relax the rules for gay blood donors as COVID-19 cases continue to rise? READ MORE:

Daily rise in Tokyo coronavirus cases tops 100 for 1st time

Singapore: “The rea­son for their re­cent alarm: a rise in un­linked cases. These are cases where in­ves­ti-ga­tors aren’t able to fig­ure out where a sick­ened per­son ac­quired the in­fec­tion, nor con­nect it to other cases or clus­ters.”

Two Coronavirus Deaths Announced In New Hampshire; Cases Rise To 621

El Paso coronavirus update: COVID-19 cases rise to 106, children's hospital treats 2 patients


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@TomHolland1996 from “Underoos” to overlord, it’s been a thrill to watch you rise, and we’re all pretty darned glad u were born

‘social distancing’ please i’ve been training for a pandemic my entire life introverts rise up we’re finally valid


Let them see you sweat, hurt, fall, fail, cry, bleed, crack, falter, suffer, struggle, persist, rise, fight, grow, improve, gain, triumph, and above all let them see your joy. But NEVER let them see you give up.

So my son lives in an upscale high rise in Bethesda...and he's started to keep track of the white people who refuse to get on the elevator w/him.

History will not be kind to Donald Trump. Because truth matters. Right matters. And decency matters. It may be midnight in Washington, but the sun will rise again. I put my faith in the optimism of our Founders. You should too.

Tomorrow, the country of #Brunei  will start stoning gay people to death. We need to do something now. Please boycott these hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei. Raise your voices now. Spread the word. Rise up.

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We grieve for the Americans murdered in Pittsburgh. All of us have to fight the rise of anti-Semitism and hateful rhetoric against those who look, love, or pray differently. And we have to stop making it so easy for those who want to harm the innocent to get their hands on a gun.

We may say prayers when we are trying to solve the problems we face, but it is up to us to put an end to violence and bring about peace. Creating peace is our responsibility. To pray for peace while still engaging in the causes that give rise to violence is contradictory.

The rise of flat-Earthers in society provides some of the best evidence for the failure of our educational system.