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Welcome to winter wonderland! The enchanting rime scenery along Kuerbin River in Xunke, NE China's Heilongjiang, goes viral online.

Have you witnessed picturesque winter scenes created by ice rime and hoarfrost? These winter phenomena require very specific conditions to occur.

My car covered in rime after another morning of freezing fog. #cowx 

Yichun City in NE #China 's Heilongjiang sees rime, turning a forest into a silver wonderland❄️

GREAT example of rime icing this morning on #RoanMountain  TN complete with a sounding to explain it all. Enjoy !! #winter  #scienceisamazing  @weatherchannel  @NWSMorristown  @JimCantore 

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This is a rime 2 be thankful--for me chemotherapy has put me in total remission & I am so thankful to my ESPN family for all their support. People like Michael Kay Don La Greca Ryan Hurley Tim McCarthy Andrew Gundling and Larry Hardesty-ur support inspired me &helped me so much

❄️Photographing the rime scenery at Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province of China on Monday.❄️ Find out more about different types of frost here:

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Trees and buildings are covered in rime in SW #China 's Chongqing Municipality

Rime’s maritime offerings mixes seafood with slopeside


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The road to an icy kingdom! Rime scenery in NE China's Jilin.

Frozen fairyland! ❄️❄️❄️Check out the stunning rime ice sceneries in NE China.

Lord remind me of how brief my rime on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered, how fleeting my life is. Psalm-39-4

February's PlayStation Plus lineup has been revealed, featuring Rime and Knack for PS4:

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Attention PS Plus members: this is your last chance to get Knack and Rime for free before the new lineup arrives. Don't miss out!

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Heads-up, PlayStation Plus members! Knack and Rime headline your free games lineup for February:

I got to score my first song for a video game! Check out "Forgotten City" from the new adventure @RiMEGame ! #RiME 

A mystical island awaits in Rime, now available on PS4. Explore ancient ruins, play with wildlife, and solve puzzles using sound and light.

Media is loosing credibility every day.Specially TV.It's crisis time for TV journalism.It's rime to restore the confidence of people in TV.

ATTN #Hillary  C Stands For The (C)linton (C)rimeFamily Using The (C)linton Foundation To Steal (C)linton (C)ash

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