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Peter was wrong: Managers do not rise to the level of their incompetence, not in this Administration.

Rick Perry may be leaving the Energy Department, an agency he wanted to abolish and didn’t understand, only to lead Veterans Affairs. “Oops” doesn’t begin to cover it.
To: New Energy Secretary Rick Perry- How bout we power the country with a turbine connected to the founding fathers rolling in their graves?
Trump owns stock in Energy Transfer Partners, the DAPL builder
Trump nominee Rick Perry is on ETP's board.
Trump Exec Ordered DAPL restart
.@SenFranken patiently schooling Rick Perry on what scientists do for a living is a marvel of self-control. #climate
Governor Rick Perry said "Donald Trump is one of the most talented people running for the Presidency I've ever seen." Thank you Rick!
Rick Perry hugged a coal baron. This photographer got the picture. Then he was placed on leave.
"Well, it's America. They're American citizens, so it's not a country"

Rick Perry is corrected after calling Puerto Rico a "country":
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The scientific community is virtually unanimous: Climate change is a global crisis requiring bold action. Rick Perry? He doesn't agree.
The White House has asked Rick Perry to cancel his trip to India and instead go to London to work out a deal with Saudi Arabia to build nuclear reactors in the kingdom, sources tell @AriNatter and me.
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