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Other deposition subpoena refusals: OMB Chief Mick Mulvaney Charles Kupperman, former DNSA Deposition request refusals: Rick Perry'>Energy Secretary Rick Perry Former Nat Sec Advisor John Bolton

Rick Perry is at it again -- caught in a bold faced lie to Texans. And @chiproytx  is right there standing behind him.

Fiona Hill offering a robust defense of Rick Perry, who she recommended as the energy lead on Ukraine due to his deep knowledge of the issues, his Cabinet role and his experience in Texas.

BREAKING: David Holmes personally witnessed Rick Perry'>Energy Secretary Rick Perry give Zelensky a list of political cronies he wanted to Ukraine to show favor to. #Corruption  #PayToPlay  #ImpeachmentHearings 

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Holmes discussing THE LIST Rick Perry handed Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Americans he just thought would be good "energy advisers." Uh huh.

In case you missed it from Holmes's earlier deposition, there was a whole thing where Rick Perry slipped Ukraine a list of people "he trusts" who should advise them on energy policy. (GRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFT!)

Holmes breaks down how the "three amigos" of Energy Sec. Rick Perry, Amb. Kurt Volker and Amb. Gordon Sondland were the point people for Ukraine -- says @MayorRGiuliani  was effectively shaping "Ukraine diplomacy"

#Holmes  said it became apparent to him that Giuliani was “having a direct influence on the foreign policy agenda that the #3 Amigos were executing on the ground in Ukraine.” The 3 Amigos: Ambassador Gordon SondlandSpecial envoy Kurk VolkerRick Perry'>Energy Secretary Rick Perry

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Dubbed the “Three Amigos,” Sondland said he, Rick Perry and former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker "followed the president’s orders” to “talk to Rudy” and press Ukraine to launch the investigations.

The Energy Department is denying that Secretary Rick Perry knew that President Donald Trump had been pushing for a political investigation in Ukraine.


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This is E.U. Amb. Sondland's line for throwing everyone under the bus: "Again, everyone was in the loop." People thrown include: -Pres Trump -VP Pence -Acting WH Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney -Sec of State Pompeo -Rudy Giuliani -Sec of Rick Perry'>Energy Rick Perry -John Bolton -Kurt Volker

AP: “Two political supporters of U.S. Rick Perry'>Energy Secretary Rick Perry secured a potentially lucrative oil and gas exploration deal from the Ukrainian government soon after Perry proposed one of the men as an adviser to the country’s new president.”

Rick Perry'>Energy Secretary Rick Perry has approved 6 secret authorizations by companies to sell nuclear power technology and assistance to Saudi Arabia, according to Reuters.

I want to thank Secretary of Energy Rick Perry for the outstanding job he has done. He will be leaving at the end of the year to pursue other interests. Rick was a great Governor of Texas and a great Secretary of Energy....

"Rick Perry made me do it" is *really* out there as an argument. Can't even call it a "defense," because it's not a defense to a crime (or high crime) to say an employee asked you to do it.

Polling at this point in GOP race in 2015: Jeb Bush 22% Scott Walker 17% Marco Rubio 14% Ben Carson 11% Mike Huckabee 9% Rand Paul 7% Rick Perry 5% Ted Cruz 4% Chris Christie 4% Carly Fiorina 2% Donald Trump 1% Anyone who thinks they know anything right now is delusional.

Peter was wrong: Managers do not rise to the level of their incompetence, not in this Administration. Rick Perry may be leaving the Energy Department, an agency he wanted to abolish and didn’t understand, only to lead Veterans Affairs. “Oops” doesn’t begin to cover it.

To: New Rick Perry-'>Energy Secretary Rick Perry- How bout we power the country with a turbine connected to the founding fathers rolling in their graves?

Trump owns stock in Energy Transfer Partners, the DAPL builder Trump nominee Rick Perry is on ETP's board. Trump Exec Ordered DAPL restart