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Clint Eastwood doesn’t mind that he smeared the late @ajc ⁩ reporter Kathy Scruggs in his movie “Richard Jewell” because her story, which was accurate, led to Jewell’s “persecution.”

Le cas Richard Jewell 🎞🎥 Clint Eastwood. JO Atlanta 1996

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Richard Jewell, the true story of a failed bombing in Atlanta during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, is a compelling tale made by Clint Eastwood, one of Hollywood's most passionate directors, writes David Stratton.

Film review: Clint Eastwood traces Richard Jewell's fall from hero to villain and explores the morality of the media, writes Simon Weaving.

Clint Eastwood's reassuring contempt for authority, the media, and boneheaded bureaucracy is front and centre in Richard Jewell, writes Luke Goodsell (via ) @ABCArts 


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The point of the film isn't just that Richard Jewell did nothing wrong: It's that actually, the journos are the real terrorists

National Board of Review has named #TheIrishman  the Best Film of 2019. Here's the rest of their top films of the year: 1917 Dolemite is My Name Ford v Ferrari Jojo Rabbit Knives Out Marriage Story Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood Richard Jewell Uncut Gems Waves

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Saw "Richard Jewell" last night - just what we need right now, a movie where the FBI is crooked, media is fake news and together they frame innocent people.

Clint Eastwood’s ‘Richard Jewell’: Atlanta Newspaper Demands Disclaimer on Depiction of Female Reporter

If you want to see what its like to have the power of the United States government falsely brought to bear on you, go see Richard Jewell It’s frightening

Saw "Richard Jewel" the powerful Clint Eastwood film that is very timely and relevant to how gov't and media can ruin lives of innocent ppl like Jewell. There's a message for the deep state/fake news goons and for the American people. See this film!

I already worried Clint Eastwood's "Richard Jewell" would take cheap shots while building its narrative of an everyman victimized by mainstream media. But inventing a story that a real-life female reporter, now dead, slept w/a source? Hard pass.

“Richard Jewell” has fallen into an unprofitable twilight zone, where libs learned enough not to see it but conservatives aren’t aware that they can own the libs by seeing it.

Whenever you see angry Journos crying about their failed attempts to ruin the life of Richard Jewell, remember that NBC and CNN both paid a settlement to Jewell because they are very fake news and hate the Real America

More momentous media moments. Richard Jewell'>Poor Richard Jewell, widely, wrongly, blamed by FBI and some in press for Atlanta Olympic bombing. It ruined his life. He'd actually been a hero moving people away from the suspicious pkg before it exploded.

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